Legal Services in Indonesia

With industry recognised expertise, we deliver legal services to our clients on a wide spectrum of matters. Our dedication allows us to maintain a highly personalised level of service, whilst enabling us to cover a significant range of service areas in order to achieve our client’s goals.

Service Areas

Service on Legal Consultation/Advisory is mainly based on a dedicated one-on-one session between Client and the experienced consultant in the field of Law. The fields of this Service might cover many related issues on performing business activities, including but not limited to Document Control, Human Resource, Tax, and many more.

Similar to the Legal Research – unofficial, the distinguished part of this Service when delivered is that the research will provide insight upon one particular regulation. The regulation might be one that is newly regulated or previous regulation as a form of comparison or reference to the business activities. Regulation Insight might be provided in bilingual version upon request by the Client.

These services for Client have the purpose to provide proper execution of any selected types of legal documents and/or operational business documents. (i.e. Letters, Agreements, Circular Resolution, etc.). Legal Drafting and Review/Revision may be provided in bilingual upon request.
It is commonly known that some business owners might require this type of service for the continuation of their commercial activities. We provide support for Debt Collection by performing Warning/Summon Letter (somasi) and dispute resolution support upon this service is conducted off-court.

Service on Legal Research is to provide research upon the inquiries requested by the Client. Research may conclude the related regulations, technical requirements for operational licenses, tax policies and many other topics that might be covered under Service. The research is conducted purely based on the issues inquired and will provide a form of Summary and/or Presentation depending on the request.

This service is to perform a specific request or inquiry regarding a particular legal subject that is acknowledged in Indonesia. We perform research and check upon the legality and compliance of the requested legal subject by the Client. Timeline may vary depending on the request.

Service on Legal Translation is to provide translation upon previously confirmed documents (either by a sworn translator as acknowledged by the authorities or basic non-sworn translation). Legal Translation Service might be provided with Legal Drafting and/or Legal Review. Timeline for this service may vary in accordance to the pages amount of the requested documents.

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