Legal Research in Indonesia

When conducting business in Indonesia, our clients may require further information regarding regulations, technical requirements, policies etc. As part of our legal service, Double M offers a comprehensive legal research service that is tailored around the specific requests of our clients.

Legal Research in Indonesia Sources:

  • Primary Sources, which are defined as actual laws and rules issued by governing bodies which state what we can and cannot do as lawful citizens, such as treaties, statutes, and many more.
  • Secondary Sources are defined as materials that discuss, explain, analyze, and critique the law and its applications, such as law journals, law reviews, and many more.

Procedures of Legal Research in Indonesia

In this phase, we will conduct early stage analysis which discusses the relevant material facts of the case. Specifically, regarding which parties are involved and which matter is being discussed, define the jurisdictions to specify which governmental entity is entitled to handle the matter,and define which areas of the law are being discussed in the case.

In this phase, we will start assessing secondary sources to get a general idea of the topic/case. We usually assess law journals and law reviews to find out whether there are any previous cases that could set a precedent for the current case.

In this phase we will assess our client’s case by giving a broad analysis of their case, formulate a breakdown of all the regulations concerning their issues, and present our research findings that could potentially be relevant to their current case.

In this phase, we present a conclusion from our findings and offer suggestions for the client’s next legal steps.

In this final phase, we will recheck our research findings comprehensively before handing it over to our clients. Most importantly, we will conduct a thorough fact check in order to ensure our clients get the most factual and up to date information.

How can Double M Help?

Legal Research is an excellent solution to get more legal information in Indonesia. Double M is committed to help our clients conduct this procedure. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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