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The first contact with potential buyers is usually the most difficult step that a company has to face when they are trying to enter in a new market. A lot of factors like the time difference, the language or the cultural differences make it an almost impossible mission even to have an initial conversation with them.

Since its foundation, Double M created a network in every country in South East Asia especially in Indonesia and help the foreign companies to do this first step. With our experience and advise, we ensure that you have proper meetings with key players and you will be well prepared to face them. Thereby, the ratio of success of our clients increases exponentially to sell in South East Asia.  

Service Areas

Having Local partners in Indonesia is one of the top priorities for foreign companies to enter the local markets, but finding the right one is something that takes time as you need to a build a strong relationship based on trust, like-minded values and culture. That’s where Double M come in. With our experience and expertise in Indonesia, we will assist you in terms of local partner search and selection based on your criteria.
Meeting the potential partners in person is very essential for a successful trade mission in Indonesia. With strong network in the local business community and Indonesian government, as well as extensive experience in organizing trade missions for foreign companies and governments, Double M will help you to ensure the success of your trade mission in Indonesia.
Double M has extensive experience in organizing Reverse trade missions. We help companies from foreign countries to find out whether they can do business in Spain as well as meeting key trade buyers through trade fair events.
Sourcing suppliers from Indonesia requires a huge amount of effort since Indonesia has its own culture. Double M will help you in terms of supplier sourcing since importing from Indonesia can be tricky if you do not carefully verify the supplier.

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