Tax Services in Indonesia

Considered as a country with complex regulatory environment, Indonesia operates a self-assessed taxation system that is divided into state and local taxes. Because you want to start your business in Indonesia, you need to understand the taxation system properly.

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Tax compliance is an important matter all over the world including individuals and companies that do business in Indonesia. Every business in Indonesia must register for tax, pay and report it. As taxes contribute largely to Indonesia’s country income, the tax amount imposed will have a considerable impact on both local and foreign businesses. Each business classification has its specific tax requirements as well. And the business activity, location, and other elements may affect the requirements and tax rates.

The consequences of filing incorrect tax reports may lead to a further investigation by the authorities. Tax and accounting services in Indonesia are shortcuts to fulfilling these administrative obligations with high accuracy in a timely manner. With extensive knowledge of local policies, tax consultants in Indonesia can also help you save time and money, so you do not have to keep up with the latest regulation changes yourself.

We provide this service to help companies develop their tax plans. This tax planning aims for increasing the efficiency of the company in terms of future taxation. We can help you minimise your tax liabilities in Indonesia by optimising the current system, which includes eliminating the risk of double taxation, identifying and mitigating tax inefficiencies and leaks, tax health checks and so on.

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