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Immigration regulation in Indonesia is one of the most complex procedures to comply. Trusted by international business owners, our team of experts will handle all steps of the application effectively from the very beginning to the point where you obtain the necessary permit you need.

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A business visa allows foreigners to visit Indonesia in order to conduct business activities. However, there are some restrictions on the activities you can and cannot conduct. When you apply for an Indonesian Business Visa, you should have a list of standard visa documents, and other documents that the Directorate General Immigration requires.

Foreigners who hold a temporary stay permit (KITAS) in Indonesia and plan to leave the country, change jobs or change the type of KITAS, will be required to apply for an Exit Permit Only (EPO) and Exit Re-Entry Permit (ERP) if they are outside Indonesia. There are some things that need to be done by foreigners upon the completion of the EPO process such leaving Indonesia within 5-7 days. The required period to leave Indonesia might be shorter depending on the rules set by the local immigration.

ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas) is a limited stay permit in Indonesia that must be sponsored by an Indonesian citizen, investor, or a company. The Indonesian government used to issue a physical card for an ITAS (known as a KITAS), but now they issue ITAS digitally which can be valid for one month to two years depending on the type and the basis of the application.

The IMTA is intended for foreigners employed to work in Indonesia. This type of permit will allow you to work in Indonesia which is valid for around one to twelve-months maximum, depending on the expatriate placement plan. Keep in mind that IMTA only applies to the employee, not his/her spouse or children.

ITAP is a permanent residency visa for foreign nationals staying and living in Indonesia. It has a validity of 5 years and an unlimited number of extensions allowed. However, you will still need to report back to immigration every two years to renew your IMK/MERP, and every five years to review the status of your sponsor. ITAP applications can only be obtained by converting KITAS.

Notifying the immigration office regarding change of registered home address before ITAS or ITAP expires is very important for a foreigner living in Indonesia. Based on Article 71 Act No. 6/2011 on Immigration, all changes in expatriates’ civil status, citizenship, occupation, guarantor, or address must be reported to the immigration office in an immediate period of time.

A foreigner who whishes to relocate and permanently live in Indonesia can apply for citizenship in Indonesia. As far as it fulfills the legal provisions from the government, it is legal for a foreigner to obtain Indonesian citizenship. There are several documents and requirements that need to be complited for a foreign citizen who wishes to acquire Indonesian citizenship. Keep in mind that the law of Indonesia doesn’t allow dual citizenship.

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