Consulting Firm in Australia

Consulting Firm in Australia

Established in 2013 by Marc Alonso and Manuel Albores, DOUBLE M stands as a distinguished sales and investment consultancy. Specializing in accounting, tax, and regulatory services, the firm has earned a good reputation in Australia. With a team of highly skilled professionals, DOUBLE M serves as a trusted consulting partner for businesses striving for financial excellence. The company has successfully expanded into various countries, leveraging years of experience to provide unparalleled services. Whether navigating intricate tax frameworks, ensuring regulatory compliance, or delivering insightful accounting solutions, DOUBLE M remains a steadfast ally for businesses globally, adeptly combining local insights with international expertise.

Our Services in Australia

Accounting Services
+ Financial Statement Preparation
+ Tax Compliance and Planning
+ Audit Services
+ Bookkeeping and Accounting
+ Business Advisory and Consultation
+ Internal Controls and Risk Management
+ Mergers and Acquisitions Support
+ Forensic Accounting and Investigation
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Tax Services
+ Tax Compliance and Planning
+ Goods and Services Tax (GST) Consulting
+ Transfer Pricing Advisory
+ Research and Development (R&D)
+ Tax Incentives
+ International Taxation Services
+ Tax Dispute Resolution
+ Employee Benefits and Fringe
+ Benefits Tax (FBT) Consulting
+ Customized Tax Training Programs
+ Corporate Restructuring and Tax Implications
+ Tax Due Diligence Services
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Why Double M

One Stop Solution

Handle all your official documents, taxes, licenses, bureaucracy and official documents with only one partner.

Flat Fees

Our prices are all-included and we always tell you upfront. We will never surprise you with “hidden” costs.


From the beginning until the finalization of our services, we always keep you updated with the status.




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