Recruitment Services in Indonesia

Finding the right candidates for your company can sometimes be difficult at times especially if you are looking for high quality candidates. Most of the high quality candidates do not position themselves as actively seeking for job simply because they have a trusted specialist recruiter who commits to job applications on their behalf which makes them unreachable otherwise. Double M has strong networks to help connect you to the high quality candidates and handle the recruitment for your company effectively.

Service Areas

Using headhunter service in Indonesia will help you hire the best candidate for your company, save your time and even cut your company costs. In Indonesia, this type of service is still widely used especially by foreign companies. Headhunter Service in Indonesia provided by Double M includes but not limited to being in charge of selecting and recruiting the best candidates to match the requirements given by your company. We have been giving the best service for many foreign companies in various industries in terms of recruitment services.

Conducting Executive Search is part of a recruitment service in Indonesia. It is not an easy task for a company since it requires much time and effort. With our extensive experience and wide-range network in Indonesia, we conduct recruitments for candidates in senior, executive, and other highly specialised positions. We choose from a pool of candidates that best meet the clients need. We have been helping both local and multinational companies to hire best performing executive talent, those individuals that will lead, manage & ultimately drive the success of the company.

How can Double M Help?

  1. Creating attention-grabbing job advertisements and knowing the best spots to place your
  2. Use our databases and Network to find the most suitable candidates.
  3. Screening applicant resumes and conducting phone interviews with top candidates.
  4. Facilitating the entire process of communicating with and tracking your candidates
    throughout the interviewing and hiring process.
  5. Participating in or conducting face-to-face interviews on behalf of your company to ensure
    candidates are a fit for the job and your culture.
  6. Analysing and recommending improvements to your recruitment process and strategies.

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