Corporate Tax Compliance in Indonesia

Every company operating in Indonesia is obligated to pay and report their taxes. This is because a substantial amount of the country’s income comes from tax. With Double M’s service, we will help your company to pay and report your taxes on time. Before your company pay taxes, you must first register your company as a taxpayer.

Corporate Tax Compliance by Double M

  1. Documents that state the records of the company’s establishment, such as the Deed of Establishment (for companies already registered in Indonesia) or Letter of Appointment from parent company (for branch office or representative office)
  2. Documents that show the identity of the company’s BoD, such as a copy of Tax ID number (NPWP) for Indonesians or a copy of passport and Tax ID Number for foreign citizens

Types of Corporate Taxes in Indonesia

Corporate Income Tax is a tax obligated to be paid by every company in Indonesia. The standard rate for Corporate Income Tax in Indonesia stands at 22%.

Employers are required to withhold PPh 21 from the salaries payable to their employees and pay the tax to the Government.The tax rate of PPh 21 is around 5 to 35%, depending on salary paid to the employee.

Income tax is collected through withholding taxes. Several types of income are subject to withholding tax. Generally, the payer should be held for withholding the tax. The procedures and rate of withholding taxes are referred to the relevant article of the Income Tax.

Value-Added Tax is the amount of tax that must be paid due to the process of transfer or delivery of taxable goods or services. Simply put, Value-Added Tax represents the increase in value of the products, since they were manufactured until they were sold.

How can Double M Help?

Companies in Indonesia are obligated to comply with the taxation rules. Double M strives to help our clients through the entire tax process. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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