Double M

Code of Conduct

Double M Code of Conduct (“Code”) has been created to help guide us in our success. In line with our company purpose and behaviors. Our Code should influence every business decision we make, every transaction we undertake, and every conversation we have internally and externally.

Our Code helps us to achieve our objectives in the right way and maintain our strong reputation.

This means that all of us:
• Act with integrity in everything we do.
• Make the right decisions for the long-term sustainability of our business.
• Consider the appearance of our actions.
• Listen, seek to understand, and take accountability for our decisions.
• Seek guidance when we are uncertain about a situation or need advice.

Those of us in management positions are trusted with additional responsibilities:
• Promoting our vision, purpose, and way of working.
• Leading by example and serving as role models.
• Creating an open environment that encourages others to raise concerns without fear of retaliation.
• Helping resolve any questions or concerns.
• Ensuring that retaliation does not occur against those that ask questions or raise concerns.

We have embedded our Code as an essential and fundamental part of our culture. Employee training is provided and will be refreshed on a regular basis. Furthermore, we ensure the Code of Conduct is available on our internal local emailing and is published on our external webpage to certain extent.

You can make a difference through contacting our Quality Assurance email ( if you are concerned about wrongdoing.