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Human resource is one of the key points to the success of a company. The performance of an employee can be an important asset for the company. Therefore, Human Resource Management has a crucial part in determining the success of a company. It has an important role in ensuring employees to become a valuable asset. Optimal use of Human Resource Services will not only save time, but also costs for the company.

Service Areas

Employer of Record Service in Indonesia

What is Employer of Record Service in Indonesia? Employer of Record with its acronym EOR is a third-party contractor that a company hires to handle all legal labor-related obligations. The Employer of Record (EOR) service in Indonesia helps companies hire employees without having to set up a PT in Indonesia and remains fully compliant.

In Indonesia, administrative tasks such as accounting and payroll processing for a company demand lots of time and effort due to the bureaucratic processes. Using Double M’s Payroll services in Indonesia should be the most efficient way for you to avoid unnecessary complexities so that you can focus more on growing your business. It should also lower the risk related to compliance issues in Indonesia.

HR Management and Support in Indonesia

Human Resource Department is considered as an essential part of a company. They are responsible on running several activities including but not limited to managing staff, administering pay, benefits, and leave, and enforcing company policies and practices. Most foreign companies that expand to Indonesia tend to engage with Double M’s HR Management & Support Service to avoid the hustle and complications in terms of the local employment regulation.

BPJS TK and Health Registration

All Indonesian residents and expats who have been living in the country for 6 months or more, have the obligation to obtain BPJS Kesehatan (Healthcare BPJS). If you are a part of a company (both local or foreign company) you will also be required to obtain BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Social Security BPJS). Both Healthcare BPJS and Social Security BPJS are compulsory for locals and foreigners living and being underemployment in Indonesia.

Employment Contract Drafting Service in Indonesia

One of the foundations of an effective human resource management is a well-drafted employment contract. An employment contract has to be inline with the Indonesian employment regulation which includes points such as employment status, data protection, resolution of disputes between an employee and employer, and several other points.

Job Description and Employee Evaluation

Job descriptions are one of the most important employment-related documents in a company. It applies to the role, and which of the competencies might be included in either the duties or the qualification sections of the job description. Employee evaluation is a way of measuring the value of an employee within the company including but not limited to employee leveling and grading.

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