Payroll Services Facilitate Company efficiency

Managing employees’ salaries may seem simple at a quick glance, but on large scale entreprises, it is proven to be more complex. As the size of your corporate grows, it would be affecting the number of employees, administrative burdens, and compliance on regulatory changes from the government. Thus, one of the way to perform your business efficiently is by finding the most suitable and effective administrative management.  

Double M is a sales and investment consultant focusing in establishing business in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Since 2013, we are known as experienced business provider in the industry of Payroll services, which makes us the perfect choice to assist your company management.

Scope of Services - Payroll
Scope of work - Payroll

Why Double M ?

Complete Package

We provide BPJS Calculation, Reporting, Income Tax, and HR Benefit.


We provide customization to be more suitable for our clients' needs.

Experienced Payroll Specialist

We have consultants with wide variety of experiences, such as oil and gas, start-up, consumer goods, etc.

On-Time Delivery

We have specialized team to deliver the services with no delay.

Service Accuracy

We have a system to calculate accurate Payroll Details and Compensation Benefit.

Using the payroll process for paying salaries to employees does provide many conveniences and advantages. Especially for businesses that are growing, the need for employees is increasing Calculating process employee salaries must be system-based to simplify the workflow. If the company does not have a standard mechanism, the HR team will find it hard to manage it. In case the company dimensions are only about five people, there is no problem. But if it reaches tens or hundreds of employees, the payroll system will provide many advantages.