Debt Collection Support in Indonesia

Debt collection is the act of pursuing debt payments owed by an individual and/or businesses. An organization who concentrates on collecting debt is commonly known as debt collector. It must first be understood that most individuals or businesses take on debt out of necessity. Most people who take on debt are in a bad financial situation, hence it also becomes difficult for them to pay it back.

Challenges for Debt Collection in Indonesia

In Indonesia, taking on debt to support family finance or start businesses is a common thing. According to data released by the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan), online Fintechs have loaned more than IDR 40 trillion to the Indonesian people. The same data also stated that there are people who failed to pay their debts for 30-90 days after they are due. For debt collectors, it is often difficult to obtain the contacts of the debtors because they often avoid taking the calls. To solve this, legal measures may need to be taken. This is where Double M’s debt collection service can step in.

Debt Collection Service by Double M

At Double M, we offer debt collection service from a legal point of view. We will assist the client in the act of bringing a lawsuit, prosecution, or judicial proceeding to acquire legal remedy or to ascertain and protect the client’s legal rights. Our scope of debt collection services are:

First, we will draft the demand letter, stating the exact amount owed by the debtors and proof that they have been evading payments. Second, we will send the demand letter to the debtor’s address 2 (two) times. After sending the demand letter, we will follow up on the debtor consistently until the debt is paid. When the debtor has finally shown the intention to pay up, we will provide the settlement letter which states that the debt has been paid off. The entire process will be conducted within the timeline set by the client.

First, we will ask the client to sign a Power of Attorney, giving us the power to represent them in court for the case. Second, we will prepare and register a lawsuit against the debtor for not paying off the debt to the District Court. During the trial, we will provide legal assistance to our clients, verify evidence and witnesses relevant to the case, and give consultation for our clients. After the decision is announced, we will acquire the copy of the court decision and take next action according to the decision.

How can Double M Help?

Legal measures could be the solution for an effective debt collection process. Double M is committed in assisting the clients pursue debt payments with legal procedures. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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