Regulation Insight in Indonesia

Article 1 Section 3 of the 1945 Constitution regulates that “The State of Indonesia is a state based on law.”. That means all matters in Indonesia are regulated by law. The sheer amount of laws and regulations in Indonesia makes it very tricky to keep track of. At Double M, we offer to give you insight and summary about regulations in Indonesia.

Hierarchy of Regulations in Indonesia

Considering the fact that Indonesia is a state based on law, the following is the hierarchy of regulations in Indonesia, in descending order: The 1945 Constitution, Resolutions of the People’s Consultative Assembly, Acts, Government regulations, Presidential regulations, Provincial ordinances, City ordinances and regency ordinances.

Regulation Insight Components

Most of our clients seeking clarity on regulation are business people planning to expand into the Indonesian market. Thus, we give them a general explanation about the Indonesian market: what’s the market condition, who are the competitors, how are they performing, what are the opportunities etc.

Generally, our clients are business practitioners from certain sectors. As part of the regulation insight, we also offer them information about the state of their business sectors in Indonesia. For example, a client from the Hospitality sector will receive our insight regarding their competitors in that sector.

This is the centerpiece of our regulation insight. In this part, we identify the regulation that specifically regulates our client’s endeavor while also paying attention to the hierarchy of regulations and its jurisdictions. For example, a client wishing to build a hotel business in Bali will gain insight about construction and business regulation there, in accordance with the local regulation.

In Indonesia, every business operating within the territory of the country is obligated to pay taxes. As part of our regulation insight, we will give information about the specific taxation law for the client and how to follow the procedure correctly.

Generally, there are instances where the client asks for additional information regarding their business matters. At Double M, we are very happy to provide this additional information. For example, a client who seeks to build a factory in West Java will receive specific information regarding the land size, the price, and various other details that are relevant to the cause.

How can Double M Help?

Regulation Insight can potentially be beneficial for your business operations. Double M is committed to help you conduct this process. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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