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Not only about the market situation, foreign companies expanding to Indonesia must also know about the laws and regulations in the country. According to the State Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia of 1945 Article 1 No. 3, The State of Indonesia is a state based on law. As a result, every action done within the confines of the Indonesian territory are regulated by the law. This also applies in the business sector. Every company in Indonesia, be it local-owned or foreign-owned, must operate in accordance with the law. As a result, high quality advice, recommendations, and consultancies about legal matters are very high in demand.

Legal Consultation Service by Double M

Here at Double M, we offer a legal consultation service with the aim of providing clients with guidance in matters related to law, the latest information about regulations, and insights that are customized to the client’s needs. The scope of this service covers a wide range of issues in the business sector, including but not limited to Document Control, Tax, Human Resource, and many more.

Legal Consultation Procedure at Double M

In this process, we will examine the initial request by the client, the general overview of the legal consultation they are seeking. After everything is sorted, the client shall be requested to send the signed Proposal/Service Agreement explaining the details of the service.

In this process, we will meet the client and discuss the initial issues they are facing. This will determine the scope of Legal Consultation we are giving them.

Then for the next process, our team will analyze the client’s issue thoroughly to determine what legal consultation will be done. This research also includes the process of gathering sources from governmental websites. The issue will then be cross-checked with the governed-regulated law to assess the most suitable action.
The most important part of this is the process of actually delivering the consultation, our team will finalize a comprehensive legal consultation and present it to the client with immediate effect.
Upon receiving the finalized legal consultation, the client shall be asked to fill a survey to gauge their satisfaction with the service.
We will track and keep record of every case owned by the clients and put it in our database. Should the clients ever return for more consultation, we would already have the principal informations needed

How can Double M Help?

Companies in the Indonesian territory must operate according to the laws and regulations enforced by the government. Double M is committed to providing the clients with the best legal consultation. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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