Legal Drafting and Review in Indonesia

Every business Indonesia operates within the confinement of the law. Consequently, legal documents emerge as crucial parts of a company’s operations. Given the fact the legal aspect is present in every line of work, high quality legal drafting and review have become a necessity. 

Types of Documents for Legal Drafting and Review

There are several types of documents covered by the legal drafting and review by Double M: Letters, Circular Resolution and Agreements (example: Partnership Agreement, Service Agreement, and Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Legal Drafting Procedure

In a legal drafting, it is important to acquire the document in its original, unaltered form. The document carries such high importance because it’s the main object of the drafting process.

At Double M, we have already formulated our own template for legal documents. This template serves as a benchmark that must always be followed in order to ensure the documents meet our standard of quality. Upon receiving the document, we will ensure that it is synced with our template.

During the process of drafting, we will also align the documents with existing laws and regulations in Indonesia. This is done to ensure that the substance of the documents is written in accordance with the law and will not cause any legal problems in the future.

During the process of drafting, detailing means paying extra attention to the details like the names of the parties involved, their rights and obligations. This is very crucial because once the documents are signed, the terms can’t be changed. Therefore, there is no margin for error.

After the drafting is completed, the document is finalized by being signed off by all parties involved. In Indonesia, if it’s an agreement between companies, then the document must be signed by the Director. Should the director be unavailable, it can be signed by another person appointed through a Power of Attorney letter.

Legal Review Procedure

In a legal review, we will adjust the document with our existing format. This format is used to ensure that the document being reviewed is aligned with the quality standards enforced at Double M.

In a legal review, we will look for mistakes that are commonly present in a legal document such as typo, wrong phrasing, wrong font size, incorrect punctuation. The entire document will be scanned in order to ensure there is no mistake.

During a legal review, it is important to verify all the people involved in the document. In Indonesia, people involved in the document are generally named as “Pihak Pertama, Pihak Kedua” etc. It is very crucial to get these names right because it involves their rights and obligations which are agreed in the document.

In a legal review, the object typically becomes a centerpiece of the document. For example, in an office rent agreement, the office itself is the main part of the agreement. Therefore, we will make sure that all details about it are covered and explained in the document.

How can Double M Help?

Legal Drafting and Legal Review are essential procedures which could ensure the quality of your legal documents . Double M is committed to help our clients conduct these processes. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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