Outsourced accounting service in Indonesia

Outsourced accounting service in Indonesia is a term used for all-in accounting services provided by an external party. Typically, outsourced accountants provide the-day-to-day management of payable accounts, receivable accounts, financial reporting, cash flow reporting and many others. Outsourced accountants generally consist of several individuals forming a small team, which will cost considerably less than hiring actual employees. 

Types of Outsourced Accounting Service in Indonesia

  1. Bookkeeping

In this service, we will organize your pre-existing books and ledgers. Should it be necessary, we shall create new ones. Furthermore, we will assist you in keeping tabs of claim forms, bank slips, bank statements, and various accounting reports that your company might have. 

  1. Financial Reports

In this service, we will record, organize, and compile records of your monthly accounts. Including balances, statements, receivables, and payables. Everything will be organized in order and will be ready for your disposal within your preferred timeline. 

  1. Payment Records

When conducting business, it is very likely that you will strike a partnership with external vendors. With outsourced accounting service in Indonesia, we will assist you in reviewing and managing invoices from vendors. We will make sure everything is orderly and make sure the figures are exactly correct. 

  1. Financial Planning

In doing business, planning your finances properly is strongly advised. In this service, we will give you suggestions on budgeting, forecast your financial condition in the future, and make sure everything goes smoothly. 

  1. Account Review

Streamlining and improving the accounting system is a must in order for the company to succeed. Therefore in this service, we will renew your accounting policies to the current developments. We will make sure that even the tiniest details will be kept in the records properly.

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Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

  1. Freedom

Most outsourced accounting service in Indonesia these days use cloud-based accounting software. With this method, you will be free to access your accounting records from anywhere in the world at any given time. 

  1. Cost Saving

It is quite expensive to hire and train dedicated accounting personnel. However, by hiring an outsourced accountant, you will eliminate potential hiring and training costs. 

  1. Continuity

When you hire accounting staff and they leave the company, important information goes out with them. By using outsourced staff, there is no risk of knowledge loss and you can get some continuity. 

Type of Companies That Use Outsourced Accounting Service in Indonesia

  1. Small Business

Small businesses do not usually need full-time accountants, considering that they are mostly still in the process to establish other departments. As such, recruiting outsourced accountants usually becomes a solution

  1. Company Struggling to Hire

There are many cases where companies struggle to recruit full-time accountants, be it for requirements or experience reasons. When it happens, they tend to use outsourced accounting service in Indonesia. 

  1. Non-Profit Organizations

Just like their name, profit and finances and cash flow management are not typically the main priorities of this type of company, but there are times where they are still needed. Therefore in this scenario, it becomes a good solution to hire outsourced accountants. 

How can Double M help?

Using Outsourced Accounting Service in Indonesia is a great way to manage your finances. With Double M’s help, you can focus on other aspects of businesses and leave the accounting matters to us.