NES Global Talent

Project Outline

NES Global Talent is the largest provider of workforce in oil & gas sector, with more than 60 offices in the 5 continents

NES Global Talent is a British Company, specialized in HR Consultancy and outsourcing for the Oil and Gas Industry. They are the world leader on their Industry, having offices in 33 countries. 

In Indonesia, Double M provides them with payroll services, HR consultation and Tax support (specially in Income tax, foreign income, BPJS, etc). 


When I joined NES Global Talent in Indonesia we were already working with a regional vendor to advise on local payroll and tax matters. We were however in search of a more efficient payroll process, without compromising on compliance. Subsequently, we changed to DoubleM who introduced us to a completely new process which is much more sophisticated. In addition, DoubleM supports us on the rare occasions that there is a client query related to payroll or labor law, by allowing their specialists to join the meetings with our consultants.”

Henrique Castro – Indonesia Country Manager

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