Indonesia and Japan to Strengthen Collaboration in Manufacturing Companies

Indonesia and Japan and are putting plans in motion to further collaborate in establishing a manufacturing company in Indonesia. This joint venture will also put emphasis on the usage of electric vehicles (EV). This is stated by the Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita on a written statement, Thursday (8/9/2022)

Manufacturing Collaboration between Indonesia and Japan

“In this working relation with Japan, I hope to obtain their specific knowledge and advanced technology which  can be used in Indonesia’ future strategic programs, especially natural commodity downstreaming, research and development of electric vehicles, and health and food sector”, the Minister said.

This partnership is just one of many agendas that will be discussed and ratified in the Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, which was announced during the G20 Conference in Bali. 

In return, Indonesia is committed to offer trade deals for goods or spare parts in the manufacturing industry. It is hoped that this can create a win-win solution for both nations and smoothen the deal between one another. 

Business Relations between Indonesia and Japan

The business relations between Indonesia and Japan are getting stronger by the day. In recent weeks, Japan has committed around IDR 37 trillion to manufacturing companies in Indonesia, specifically in the electric vehicle category. It is reported that the funds are coming from two of the most renowned Japanese automotive manufacturers, Toyota Motors and Mitsubishi Motors.

Future Business Prospects in Indonesia and Japan

It is widely believed that the electric vehicle industry will be booming from 2022 onwards. In relation to the Indonesian government’s latest fuel policy, the people of Indonesia are expected to switch from fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. The current demands are very high and they are expected to rise even further.
By looking at the upwards trend of manufacturing companies in Indonesia, it looks like environment-friendly product registration will be the most popular service moving forward. Japan has paved the way and it also presents excellent investment opportunities for other countries in the world.

How can Double M help?

Indonesia is opening many opportunities for collaboration in the manufacturing industry. With Double M’s help, you can find suitable business partners or even establish your own manufacturing company in Indonesia

Wage Hosting in Indonesia. What is It?

Wage Hosting in Indonesia – Establishing a company in Indonesia is a process that could take a substantial amount of time. There are many instances where companies are still being set-up, but they need their operations to begin immediately. If that is the case, you can use Double M as some sort of broker or intermediary, which hires employees on your behalf and pays their salaries under Double M’s company payroll. This type of service is called wage hosting in Indonesia. 

What is Wage Hosting?

By definition, wage hosting is a temporary service which allows Double M to hire employees on behalf of foreign companies wishing to start a business in Indonesia. In most cases, the recruitment process in a wage hosting process is merely a formality. This is because the foreign companies usually have their own candidates. As such, common recruitment procedures like job interviews are no longer necessary. 

What is the Scope of Service?

Since interviews are not necessary, services of wage hosting in Indonesia focus on the administrative side of things such as employment contract drafting, salaries, and potential benefits for the employee. In Indonesia, one unique employment benefit that stands out is BPJS, which is a health insurance for all employees working in Indonesia. In more details, here are the services of wage hosting in Indonesia:

  1. General HR support, such as:
  • Drafting employment contracts in accordance with the Indonesian labor regulation
  • Socialization regarding the latest updates of employment regulation
  • HR consultation via email or phone
  • Contract or employment termination
  1. Calculation and processing of  monthly salary
  2. Calculation and deduction of BPJS
  3. Calculation and deduction of income tax
  4. Registration of BPJS Manpower and BPJS Health
  5. Monthly contribution management of BPJS Manpower and BPJS Health
  6. Creation and submission of employee’s tax report

What are the Advantages of Wage Hosting?

Using wage hosting in Indonesia is quite a popular choice, since it could potentially bring several advantages such as:

  1. Legal Protection

The first advantage of wage hosting is legal protection. You as the client will not be exposed to the Indonesian legal system nor have the risk of going into legal troubles because Double M conducts the recruitment and salary payment on your behalf. 

  1. Minimal Cost

The process of searching and recruiting employees could cost you a lot of fortune, especially when it’s in a foreign country. By using wage hosting services, you will only need to pay one invoice and let Double M complete all the work. This method will certainly save you a lot of money. 

  1. Effectivity

Employee recruitment process might take the majority of your resources and energy if you conduct it on your own. By using wage hosting services, you can delegate it to others and allocate your effective time for other priorities.

How can Double M help?

Using wage hosting services could help ease your recruitment process in Indonesia. With Double M’s help, you will be able to conduct the process efficiently. 

Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia

Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia is an official document issued by the Indonesian Police to the applicant to declare that the applicant has a clean criminal record. In Indonesian terms, the document is also known as Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian or SKCK. Both Indonesian and foreign citizens who hold KITAS or KITAP, can applyh for SKCK. SKCK is valid for 6 months since the day it was issued and can be extended when it’s past due. 

Why Do You Need a Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia?

For foreign citizens, an SKCK is an important document. You will need to have an SKCK if you want to apply for permanent residency, apply for jobs and apply for naturalization as an Indonesian citizen. 

Not only for administrative processes, foreign citizens may also need SKCK in more casual situations. For example, many car vendors in Bali require potential renters to show their SKCK before they can officially rent their vehicles. The document is very useful to show that you have a clean criminal record. 

Requirements to Get Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia

There are several requirements that you must prepare in order to get SKCK in Indonesia, such as:

  1. Application Letter from your sponsor or employer
  2. Copy of ID Card or Wedding Certificate if the sponsor is your Indonesian spouse.
  3. Copy of Passport.
  4. Copy of Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) or Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP).
  5. Copy of Expatriate Employment Permit (IMTA) from the Ministry of Manpower.
  6. Copy of STM (Surat Tanda Melapor) from the Police.
  7. Fingerprint documents.
  8. 6 pieces of photos in 4 cm x 6 cm size with yellow background, formal outfit, showing your clear face without accessories. 

Procedures to Get a Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia

You can get the Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia through offline and online procedures:

  1. Offline Procedures
  • Visit the nearest police office while bringing all the required documents.
  • Fill out a form about your personal information.
  • Submit your fingerprints.
  • Complete the payment of the administration fee.
  1. Online Procedures

Based on the notification letter of the National Police Chief number: B/2134/III/REN.2./2023/DivTIK, starting from March 20, 2023 online SKCK applications can be applied through the SUPERAPPS PRESISI POLRI application which can be downloaded via Google Play Store and App Store

How can Double M help?

Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia is an important document in a lot of circumstances. With Double M’s help, you can meet all the requirements and obtain the document with no hassle.

Export Partners in Indonesia

As the world’s fourth most populous country, Indonesia is a potential market for you to export your products to. With the large number of people in the country, the demand for products is naturally high. However, you must have the correct strategy to determine your potential export partners in Indonesia.

Benefits of Having Export Partners in Indonesia

  • You will obtain more access to consumers and businesses. With this method, you will be able to have more profits and expand your business in Indonesia.
  • You will be able to diversify your market opportunities. By doing this, you will have a safety net in case your domestic economy falters. You will still have a growing market at your disposal to do business. 
  • You will be able to expand the lifecycle of your products. If your domestic market is too saturated with similar products, you can market your product Indonesia. 

Procedures for Local Partner Search and Selection in Indonesia

  1. Preliminary Meeting

In the preliminary meeting, we will clarify a few points to our client which includes discussions about their existing clients in the Indonesian market, types of products they offer, profiles of partners they seek to work with, information about their competitors and many more.

  1. Market Research & Market Note

After understanding the client’s criteria for potential partners, our team will conduct a Market Research to find the most suitable partners for our clients. We will also give them Market Note which provides information regarding mutual business interests, complementary services, skill sets, and strengths. The aim is to create a beneficial partnership for both parties.

  1. Partner Rating and Selection

After the Market Research process is completed, our team will send the names of the potential partners to our client. The client will be given the chance to rank, prioritize, and measure their level of interest and ultimately select their partners.

  1. A = Very Good
  2. B = Good
  3. C = Average
  4. D= Not Good
  1. Final Meeting

Once the clients have made their choice, our team will contact the potential partners and arrange a meeting with all parties involved. This will be the final meeting with the agenda of finalizing the terms of agreement before the partnership comes in full effect.

How can Double M help?

Finding export partners in Indonesia is not easy. With Double M’s help, you will be able to find them with ease.

Management Consulting in Indonesia: Things to Know

Management consulting in Indonesia is the practice of providing consultation services to organizations in order to meet their collective goals. In Indonesia, companies hire Management Consulting in order to gain external insights and assistance.

Management Consulting in Indonesia

Many businesses use the services of management consulting. However, it is also common for governmental institutions and non-profit organizations to do so. This works because Management Consulting in Indonesia mainly practices versatile principles applicable for various models of organizations.

Hiring Management Consulting in Indonesia could potentially bring plenty of advantages for your business operation such as:

1. High Experience

Management Consulting, especially from reputable consulting firms, are generally very experienced in their fields. Most of them spent years and even decades in the industry. They know all the ins and outs of management, including the most common issues faced by companies in the country. As strongly experienced personnel, they will be able to consult you to make important decisions. 

2. Objectivity

Hiring an external Management Consulting in Indonesia means they are operating outside of the inner circle of your company, nor do they have associations with the personnels in the company and the operations they conduct. This enables these consultants to provide you with an objective and ruthless assessment regarding your company. They will not be afraid to pick out flaws and explain them in a straightforward manner. Eventually, this will help you find solutions for your problems. 

3. Research Skills

Management Consulting will give you a clear advantage in terms of conducting market research. They will be able to conduct an internal research about your whole operations and identify the areas of improvement. They can also do external research to find out more about your competitors, gain insight about their management, and give you insight for you to beat your competitors. 

4. Cost Saving

In many companies, problems are solved by cutting people off and recruiting replacements for them. By doing so, you will have to pay severance fees for your former employees and potentially pay more salary to their successors. The best Management Consulting will show you that there are ways to vastly improve the way you manage your employees and get the best out of each one of them. With this method, you could potentially save costs and allocate them for more pressing needs.

How can Double M help?

Management Consulting will immensely help your business operations. Double M offers you exceptional Management Consulting services in Indonesia. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

Multiple Entry Visa Checkpoint in Indonesia

When the Covid-19 numbers started going down, the Indonesian government allowed Multiple Entry Visa holders to enter the country through the Riau Islands, specifically through Batam and Bintan. According to reports from local officials, the number of foreigners entering Indonesia through these two areas brought a positive impact on the region’s economic improvement. As a result, Immigration authorities have decided to expand the Multiple Entry Visa to every Immigration checkpoints in Indonesia.

What is a Multiple Entry Visa?

Multiple Entry Visa allows foreigners to enter and exit a country as long as the visa is valid. In Indonesia, a Multiple Entry Visa can be used to stay in the country for a maximum of 60 days, which applies for general activities. For business and pre-investment activities, the period of stay is 60 days counted from the entry date. Holders of the Multiple Entry Visa can do activities like governmental affairs, business talks, pre-investment, and family visits. 

What are the Requirements to get a Multiple Entry Visa?

There are several requirements you must prepare in order to get a Multiple Entry Visa in Indonesia:

  1. A valid passport
  2. A guarantee letter from your sponsor in Indonesia
  3. Proof of capital and life expenses of the applicant while staying in Indonesia of at least USD 2000 or equivalent. 
  4. A return ticket or onward ticket for the next destination (will not be necessary for ship crews stopping by in Indonesia)
  5. Coloured photograph with a size of 4 cm x 6cm

Multiple Entry Visa Checkpoint Expansion in Indonesia

According to the Circular Letter number IMI-0072.GR.01.01 of 2023  from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, General Directorate of Immigration, the exclusive Multiple Entry Visa Checkpoint location in the Riau Islands is no longer valid. Foreigners holding the Multiple Entry Visa can now enter the country through any Immigration checkpoint in Indonesia. It is important to note that this policy is in effect since 25 February 2023, which means that visas granted prior to the date still follow the previous regulation. 

How can Double M help?

Applying for a Multiple Entry Visa in Indonesia could make your visit more practical. With Double M’s assistance, you can sit back and receive the visa once it is granted.

Call Center Agents in Indonesia

In the age of the internet, information could be easily obtained by browsing the web. For example, you could simply provide information about your products or services on your company’s website. However, problems could arise when your customers are seeking for more detailed information that is unavailable online. When such scenarios happen, it becomes a necessity for you to hire call center agents in Indonesia.

What is a Call Center Agent?

A call center agent is a person who answers incoming calls and conducts outgoing calls on behalf of your company. Generally, a call center agent is tasked to handle inquiries, complaints, and support issues for your products or services. In the business world, this position is also known as customer service or operator. Different terms but the responsibilities are pretty much the same,

Call Center Agents in Indonesia: The Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of a call center agent in Indonesia:

  1. Manage incoming and outgoing calls
  2. Create and follow certain communication scripts when talking to a customer
  3. Conduct customer engagement
  4. Ask about the customer’s needs, answer their questions, and try to solve their problems according to the operating procedures set by the company
  5. Promote the company’s products and services
  6. Create and maintain sustainable customer relationships
  7. Record conversations and manage them

Call Center Agents Skills

The following are the skills that should be possessed by a call center agent:

  1. Knowledgeable: Call center agents need to have product/service knowledge within the company. By having it, they will be able to explain everything asked by the customers
  2. Attention to Detail: Call center agents must be very detail-oriented. Pick up every small details provided by the client and try to give an accurate response
  3. Organized: Call center agents must be able to organize calls, notes, and record conversations with the customers. These conversations will then be recorder for further references
  4. Flexible: Call center agents must be flexible and adapt to any kind of situation and scenario that might happen during the calls
  5. Friendly: Call center agents must be able to understand the problem from the customer’s point of view and have a friendly attitude, showing intent to help them solve their problems
  6. Calm: Call center agents must be calm and composed under difficult scenarios. When the customers are asking difficult questions or making demands, they must be able to remain in a steady state of mind
  7. Communicative: Call center agents must possess excellent communication skills, both verbal and written in order to help solve the customer’s problems
  8. Efficient: There are lots of calls coming every day. Call center agents must be aware of this and use their time efficiently in order to maximize their services to all customers
  9. Creative: Call center agents must have a creative way of thinking in order to help find solutions to the customer’s problems. 

How can Double M help?

Call center agents in Indonesia are crucial for your company in delivering information to the customers. Double M can help you recruit call center agents that suit your preferences.

Rent Motorcycles in Bali: Restriction for Foreigners

Following a series of traffic violations from foreign tourists riding motorcycles, the Governor of Bali I Wayan Koster has banned foreigners from renting motorcycles while they are staying in the city.

Based on the observations the Police forces in Bali, many foreign tourists violated traffic rules. These are the reasons behind the restriction to rent motorcycles for foreigners in Bali. 

Motorcycle Rent Services in Bali

In Bali, motorcycle renting services have become an increasingly popular business model. This is due to the large number of tourists entering the city every day, making it a surefire way for business owners to make money. The business model is quite simple in concept. Local business owners buy a large bulk of motorcycles then rent it out to visiting tourists, mostly foreign. The duration of rent varies, it can either be short-term or long-term depending on the needs of the customers. There are also different types of motorcycle to rent, different variants and sizes with different prices.

Why Do Foreign Tourists Rent Motorcycles in Bali?

Upon entering Bali, you would immediately realize that the majority of the roads are quite small in size. Even the slightly larger roads downtown are crammed with heavy traffic most of the time due to the large influx of tourists in the city. This kind of situation creates the demand for small, agile, fast vehicles that can help people mobilize easily. In Indonesia, motorcycles easily fit all those needs and that is precisely why foreign tourists like to rent motorcycles in Bali?

Who Will be Impacted by the Restriction?

The first one would certainly be the foreign tourists. If this ban is enforced, then they will only be allowed to travel by cars they rent or provided by their travel agents. This could possibly bring significant financial effects because renting cars will be significantly more expensive than motorcycles. Furthermore, those who do not comply with the regulation and still rent motorcycles will be face serious legal measures. 

The stakeholder that could be even more impacted is the motorcycle rent owners in Bali. They are only starting to bounce back and make profit after the city was practically empty during the heights of the pandemic. The policy caused controversy since it could potentially harm the economy of locals in Bali, especially those who provide a motorcycle rental service. Until the government finalize the policy, it would be better if all tourists comply with the traffic regulations. This will make Bali a safe tourism destination. 

How can Double M help?

Complying with local traffic regulations is one of your responsibilities as foreign visitors. With Double M’s help, you will be able to have all the necessary documents for your visit to Indonesia.

Reasons You Should Hire a Local Agent in Indonesia

Local Agent in Indonesia – Upon entering the Indonesian market, it would be an excellent option for your company to have a representative, or field person, so to speak, with extensive knowledge of the local market. In the fields of business and sales, they are called local agents in Indonesia. Agents are responsible for representing their businesses and selling their products to the Indonesian market. 

What Does a Local Agents Do?

A local agent in Indonesia does not have ownership of the product, but is paid by the exporting company based on the amount of sales they generate. Most agents typically have expertise in the export market and are able to manage several services or product lines. When a company feels suited to a certain agent, they might be trusted as a sole agent who is in charge of sales. 

Important Thing to Consider Before Hiring Local Agents in Indonesia

When choosing an agent, the first aspect you need to find is trust. The agent you appoint will represent your company as a whole and will be in charge to sell products from your entire catalog. Be sure to conduct a thorough background search in order to find the agent most suitable for the job. Furthermore, here are the reasons why you should appoint a local agent in Indonesia:

Reasons to Hire Local Agent in Indonesia

  1. Saves Money

Hiring an internal sales agent will cost you a lot of money. From paying the salary, payroll taxes, worker insurance, bonding fees, liabilities etc. By hiring an independent local agent, it will cost you nothing until they start bringing in revenue. Coming into a new market, it’s certainly the more sensible thing to do. You don’t pay salary, benefits, or expenses to your agents, you just pay their commission. This makes hiring a sales agent such an attractive option which gives you a chance to get higher sales with less investment. 

  1. Links and Relationship

Agents have specific and detailed knowledge regarding your market and know about the potential buyers you are trying to reach. This will enable you to get quick, direct access to the people who are making decisions to buy. Furthermore, they will also maintain partnerships by doing follow-up support. This existing relationship will immensely help you sell your product and save a lot of time, allowing you to focus on the sales

  1. Experience and Industry Knowledge

Most independent, local agents have built their tenures in the same region and field for a long time. Simply put, they have all the knowledge about the local economy through countless hours of market research. They know about the competitors selling the same product and as a result, will be able to provide you with feedback regarding product improvement. 

How can Double M help?

Hiring a local agent will help your business thrive in new markets. Double M can help you find local agents best suited to your needs and expectations.

Company Registration Number in Indonesia. How to Get One.

Company Registration Number in Indonesia is very important for a company. Before fully operating your company, you need to register your company and obtain a company registration number. However, when you search “Company Registration Number in Indonesia” in Google, two terms will come up: Nomor Induk Berusaha (Business ID Number) and Nomor Pendaftaran Perusahaan (Company Registration Number.)

Business ID Number in Indonesia / Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB)

Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB) is a business identification number for individuals or businesses that a company must have in order to obtain operational and commercial permits. NIB is in the form of 13 random digits with digital signatures. You can register NIB online through OSS (Online Single Submission), a system from the Indonesian Ministry of Investment/BKPM to integrate all business permit-related matters in Indonesia under one roof. 

How to register NIB in Indonesia

  1. Access the OSS page
  2. To gain access in OSS, enter your ID number (for individuals) or enter your company’s establishment deed number (for companies). 
  3. After gaining access to OSS, you can enter additional information like name, address, type of investment, country of origin, business sector, location of investment, amount of capital, contact number and Tax ID Number (NPWP). 
  4. All the data will then be verified and the NIB will be issued. 

Company Registration Number in Indonesia / Nomor Pendaftaran Perusahaan (NPP)

NPP is a registration number that must be owned by a company before they register their employees for Indonesia’s national healthcare program, BPJS. BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial) is a nationwide healthcare program from the Indonesian government to individuals (BPJS Kesehatan) and corporations (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan)

The Presidential Rule Number 109 of 2013 says that every company must register their employees to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan so their work safety is always under protection. It is worth noting that the coverage of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan include: work accident insurance, death insurance, elderly insurance, and health maintenance insurance. Before the employees can obtain all these protections, it is mandatory for the company to own an NPP.

How to Register NPP in Indonesia

Before fully operating your company in Indonesia, you need to register your company and obtain a registration number. However, when you search “Company Registration Number in Indonesia” in Google, two terms will come up: Nomor Induk Berusaha (Business ID Number) and Nomor Pendaftaran Perusahaan (Company Registration Number).

Read more about how to register company in Indonesia

How can Double M help?

After learning the difference between NIB and NPP, know that Double M can help you with both registration procedures. With your services, you could just sit tight with no hassle and get your company registration number in Indonesia.