Why You Should Utilize Payroll Vendor in Indonesia

Using a payroll vendor in Indonesia for paying salaries to employees does provide many conveniences

OSS – Risk Based Approach: Introduction And Guide To Know How

OSS – Risk Based Approach – The Omnibus Law has regulated 11 clusters of Business Sector in Indonesia : some of them are related to our today’s topics on the newly launched OSS system known as the OSS RBA (Risk Based Approach). Those clusters are : Development on Investment and Business Activities Ecosystem Business Licensing […]

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing in Indonesia

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing in Indonesia – Payroll processing is one of the important administrative activities in the company.

Opening Local Bank Account in Indonesia

Bank Account in Indonesia – If you plan to stay in Indonesia at a certain time as an expatriate, or perhaps even in a long term

Passport and Address Changes in Indonesia

Passport and Address Changes in Indonesia – For administrative control of the presence and activities of foreigners in Indonesia

How to register a trademark in Indonesia

How to register a trademark in Indonesia – Trademark is a sign for capable of distinguishing the goods – services of an enterprise from other


Project Outline La Liga is the Spanish professional football league, which is among the most prestigious football leagues in the world as the Premier League or Bundesliga. We have been working with La Liga and their Country Manager since several years by supporting them with working permits for their staff in Indonesia. Recently, we have […]

NES Global Talent

Project Outline NES Global Talent is the largest provider of workforce in oil & gas sector, with more than 60 offices in the 5 continents NES Global Talent is a British Company, specialized in HR Consultancy and outsourcing for the Oil and Gas Industry. They are the world leader on their Industry, having offices in […]


Project Outline Coren Group is the largest livestock integrator and food processor in Spain. Spain has been the first country in the EU and the fourth in the world to be approved by Indonesian authorities for the export of beef. This is the result of Double M’s work with their network and political contacts. Novafrigsa […]

Keralty Health (Sanitas)

Project Outline Keralty health is a company which belongs to Sanitas Group, a healthcare and insurance conglomerate with Headquarters in Colombia. They are a Worldwide leader in the healthcare and insurance companies.   In this case, Double M has assisted Keralty by stablishing their representative office in Indonesia (KP3A), and the we have run all their […]