Accounting Report Service in Indonesia

Accounting is a crucial aspect of running a company. Recording, organizing, and analyzing the income and expenditure will allow the company to evaluate their financial performance properly. Generally, an accounting report will consist of information about profit and loss, cost and earnings, and liabilities and assets. At Double M, we offer you the service of making a comprehensive accounting report.

Accounting Report Service at Double M

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a financial document that states the “book value” of a company, calculated by subtracting the company’s total liabilities and equity from its total assets. At Double M, we will help make your company’s balance sheets in a few steps. First, we will determine the reporting date and period. Second, we will identify your assets. Third, we will determine your liabilities. Fourth, we will calculate your shareholders’ equity. Finally, we will add total liabilities to total shareholders’ equity and compare it to assets.


Profit and Loss Statement

A Profit and Loss Statement is a document that states the summary of the company’s revenues, profits/losses, and expenses. This report shows how the company manages expenses and generates sales/profits. At Double M, we offer the service to make reports about: revenue, sales, cost of sales, marketing and advertising, SG&A expenses, technology/research & development, interest, taxes, and net income.


General Ledger

A General Ledger is defined as a set of accounts used by a company to track its financial transactions. In each account, there is a specific record consisting summaries about the assets, liabilities, equities, and revenues or expenses of the company. Through this type of accounting report, we can help you monitor your finances, assess transactions and cash flow, collect information on business reports and help prevent errors and fraud.

Accounting Report Procedures at Double M

The payment is done by the client based on the agreed frequency. We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

Double M will assess all the data and information needed to finalize the accounting report so it can be sent to the client

The finalized and finished report is sent to the client.

We allocate time for two virtual meetings per month between the client and our team to discuss the service.

How can Double M Help?

Accounting reports are crucial for tracking a company’s finances. Double M strives to help our clients’ needs with our expertise. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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