How to Prepare A Job Interview Successfully

Prepare The Interview – Job interviews are one of the most significant point to find and select the best candidates to continue the stage of employment in a much better company target in the future. This session is probably the most difficult and crucial because it is such a critical moment to face and then select the most suitable candidate to ride with your company. If the decision is wrong, it might affect the running business.

It is well known that sometimes, conducting job interview is a challenge for the company in selecting and determining the best-expected candidates. However, other significant factors are no less interesting to look at in preparation for prospective candidates to face various challenges in job interviews.

Rizki Rahmanto as Pro Hire Recruitment at Double M has his own pattern in providing direction and terms for acquiring prospective employees before starting the interview process. During a career path of more than 20 years and ten companies handled, several recommendations will be discussed today for acquiring prospective professional candidates in preparing the job interview selection.

Double M as one of the most leading service provider of  Headhunter has practiced and excelled in providing the best candidates in accordance to the requested needs by its clients. Here are some tips that can be done by prospective candidates, see the full explanation.

Tips to Prepare The Interview

1. Clear Information Regarding the Client’s Industry for Prospective Candidates

The significant part of a recruitment process is to provide a clear information about the industry to the clients they work with. Everything must be clear and in details, including the vision, mission, and values ​​of the company. Not only that, but corporate culture is also a significant basis that must be shared with the prospective candidates.

That is the basis that must be built so that candidates who are undergoing the recruitment process know and understand everything. Starting from the job descriptions, organizational structures, future business prospects, and various other significant parts that would require and affect their roles in the company.

2. Pitching Methods

In Double M, headhunter is no longer using the psychological test method but based on the pitch deck or pitching method. Through this section, prospective professional candidates are asked to make a presentation of the expected work or success during their 100 days of performance in the company. This section is very crucial to look at because it would help measure the existing competition between the candidates.

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The form of this 100-days business presentation technique can measure strategic steps, problem-solving, and the quality of thinking. Thus, the company can determine the right candidate through this process and may select the most suitable candidates for the company. As it will let you take a peek on whether the candidates would be the perfect fit for your company’s culture; its vision and mission as well as to see if their working culture would be in line with the company’s target.

3. In-depth Research Related to The Industry You are Applying For

Double M Headhunter sees that in-depth research or research related to the business being carried out can set a different angle and may predict the questions that will be asked later. Thus, prospective candidates are asked to conduct in-depth research on the target industry.

The result is that if the candidate can do so, then the interview process will be much more comfortable and be carried out in confident. Because it can measure the list of questions that will be asked later. SWOT analysis is the right method to see some of the problems that exist and can be utilized by prospective candidates.

Some of these tips were obtained through a long journey, in the hope of being able to provide a classier process and levelling up the interview process. Especially providing benefits to the Company’s CEO, Recruitment and HR Manager, and prospective candidates who are conducting the job interviews.

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