Best SMEs Business Opportunities in Indonesia Post COVID-19

Best SMEs Business Opportunities in Indonesia – The pandemic has made everyone adapt to social distancing and working remotely. People’s consumption patterns have changed drastically. From what is usually done offline face to face, then switch to online transactions. The reason is a large number of people’s doubts to make physical contact and do activities outside the home.

This is a good opportunity to make business decisions, considering that the adaptation of this new habit is likely to continue well into the post-pandemic. Business actors reading business opportunities after the pandemic can make changes to the way they try to maintain existing businesses and adjust new habits from the community to create new opportunities that the market wants.

There are many post-pandemic business opportunities that you can try. Here is strategies to see post-pandemic business opportunities and post-pandemic business ideas that are predicted to last a long time and profitable!

Best SMEs Business Opportunities Ideas Post COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Frozen Food

Since the social distancing policy was implemented, many restaurants have implemented a dine-in ban so that offline sales have decreased. You can take advantage of this situation by starting a frozen food business due to a significant increase, source Which is a type of food that is frozen and packaged so that it lasts longer and does not go bad. people can cook their own food at home and serve it practically as per their requirement.

  • Health Products

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the industrial sectors that continues to grow during the pandemic, both in terms of market value and investment value,” said Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin. Examples of health products that have experienced a significant increase during the pandemic, are masks and hand sanitizers. The need for masks and hand sanitizers will continue to increase, because these two products must be used and available in public areas. If you have sewing skills, you can produce unique personal protective equipment and cloth masks with various motifs.

  • Digital Field
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Opening a digital business has the opportunity to be profitable in the future, Source KemenkopUKM. This business can be done anywhere and anytime, transactions are also practical through online accounts. for example open graphic design & illustrator services, creating social media content, making promotional videos, writing blog articles, making websites, translating languages and others.

  • Delivery Service

If you want to run a business unaffected by the pandemic, a delivery service company should be your main consideration, this source mentions up to 25% to total revenues for the industry. Just look, since the pandemic occurred, this business is growing because people choose to shop or send something from home.

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