Employer of Record in Indonesia

Employer of Record in Indonesia is certainly one of the best solutions for companies that want to begin an expansion. Early start-up period of business is crucial, as you will need to prepare the groundwork for administrative matters such as legal documents, employee recruitment, and tax documentation. All of these things might be too much of a hassle for the companies to handle alone. 

What is an Employer of Record in Indonesia?

An employer of record in Indonesia, commonly known as EOR in Indonesia, is a company or organization that assumes the role of employer for administrative purposes while the employee actually works for a different company, usually abroad.

The company offering their EOR service in Indonesia performs all the tasks and responsibilities of a typical employer on behalf of the original employer. An Employer of Record in Indonesia is hugely popular among companies who are in the early stages of market expansion. 

Why Should You Use an EOR in Indonesia?

By using an EOR Service in Indonesia, you will be able to delegate administrative tasks to a local company of your choosing. They will perform payroll tasks, HR, and other basic tasks while you can still monitor proceedings from your country of origin.

If your company is still in its early stage of expansion, it would be quite the hassle and might also cost a fortune to perform these tasks alone. Having an EOR at your disposal will ensure that your company is in safe hands while you prepare the strategic moves. 

Benefits of Employer of Record Service in Indonesia

There are several benefits of hiring Employer of Record in Indonesia, such as:

1. Transcend Barriers

One of the biggest obstacles of opening up a company overseas is the geographical distance. There are simply too many aspects that you must take care of directly in the intended location. This is where hiring an EOR company in Indonesia would highly benefit you. Using the services of a local EOR company will allow you to start your business right away. 

2. Compliance

Each country you expand to has its own legal, tax, and payroll regulations. With this in mind, it would be much better for you to have local experts. By hiring a local EOR company in Indonesia, you would be in a better position to comply with local regulations. 

3. Time-Efficient

Operating a company, especially in its early stages, is a time-consuming activity. It is even more difficult when you are yet to have personnel stationed in the new country. By using the services of an Employer of Record in Indonesia, you can delegate the preparation tasks. 

4. Cost-Saving

Companies who expand abroad usually use the services of consultants from multiple sectors to perform tasks for them. Typically, EOR companies offer all-in-one services for you so you do not have to contact multiple parties for separate tasks. Paying a one-time fee for all the services is surely the best way to get discounts and better price points. 

5. Risk Management

Establishing a business surely presents a risk in itself, even more so when you are opening one overseas. In order to brace yourselves for these risks, it would be better to have competent, local experts taking care of your business operations until it is properly established.

How can Double M help?

Employer of Record in Indonesia helps your company establish itself in its early stage. Double M offers this service to help our clients get their business up and running.

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