Brand Registration in Indonesia – 3 Reasons Why

Brand Registration in Indonesia is one of the most important steps to elevate your brand’s value in Indonesia. A brand is defined as a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that differentiates one seller’s products or services from those owned by other sellers. Having your own brand is crucial to build brand identity and make it recognizable to potential customers. 

In the modern era, the usage of branding directly affects the performances of a certain brand. Terms like brand communication or brand loyalty have emerged as important aspects when you are selling your products or services.

Before competing with hundreds of other brands, it is hugely important for you to register your brand in Indonesia. Brand registration in Indonesia is organized by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights, which operates under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Why You Should Register Brand in Indonesia:

  1. Increase Business Value

In the digital era, more businesses are emerging. In a hugely saturated market, registering your brand makes it easier for your customers to recognize your products or services in a short amount of time. A registered brand can also be an intangible asset which could be valuable some time down the line. A strong, widely recognized brand will help increase the value of your business.

  1. Legal Protection

Having brand registration in Indonesia gives you legal protection which applies according to the corresponding laws and regulations. First, it gives you exclusive rights to produce and distribute products and services under your brand. Should anyone ever attempt to use your brand without permission, you will be able to file a lawsuit for trademark infringement

  1. Brand Recognition
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Registering your brand legally is the first step towards building brand awareness and eventually developing brand loyalty. If your potential customers can easily identify your brand, it will be easier for you to generate revenue. Furthermore, registering your brand also grants you the right to use the ® symbol. You will obtain the ® symbol once you have successfully completed your brand registration or trademark registration procedures. Not only to your customer, the symbol will also help you obtain the trust from your potential partners because obtaining it increases your brand’s validity. 

How can Double M help?

Brand registration in Indonesia is important to elevate your brand’s value. Double M can help you complete the registration procedure efficiently.