5 Considerations for Choosing Payroll Vendor in Indonesia

Using Payroll Vendor in Indonesia would be a wise choice for your company. Paying your employees’ in an efficient and timely manner is a true sign of a fair, committed, and trustworthy employer. Using an external payroll vendor is the best solution to help you manage, calculate, and complete your company’s payroll process. In our previous article, we have explained the reasons why you should utilize a payroll vendor in Indonesia.

Choosing a Payroll Vendor in Indonesia

1. Timing

Payroll, in concept, is all about timing. Salaries are paid in a fixed amount of time every month and when it comes to choosing a payroll vendor in Indonesia, you must look for one that is knowledgeable and experienced regarding the timing of executing their payroll service. For example, if you are looking to enhance your payroll system in the middle of the year, then Quarter 2 is a good time to start. Should you prefer to do it at the end of the year, some time around October is a good time so that it won’t obstruct any of your year-end processing.

2. Data Integration

In this current digitalized era, everything revolves around data. Services from Payroll Vendor in Indonesia heavily rely on the attendance data collected by the Human Resources team. It is crucial in order to assess the performance, attendance, and punctuality of the employees. Prior to choosing a payroll vendor, choose one that has integrated their payroll data in one, centralized database.

3. Tax Compliance

In Indonesia, employees tax are upon their earnings. In most companies, the tax deductions are straight from the salaries in order to simplify things. This process involves intricate calculation which involves many numbers and ever-changing tax regulations. So when choosing a payroll vendor or payroll provider in Indonesia, you need to pick one with proven expertise and experience in dealing with tax. It would be better if the vendor has a dedicated Tax team that takes care of all tax related matters.

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4. Data Conversion

We previously mentioned the importance of having an integrated database. It is important to note that data is very crucial in this process because everything will be converted and processed into the end product which is the payroll details received by the employees. The payroll vendor in Indonesia should have expertise in data analysis and data processing in order to smoothen the entire procedure.

5. Customer Service

Payroll service in Indonesia will continue on as long as the company is operating with all the employees in it. That means payroll is a key, anchor service that ensures the employees payment is efficient. With a large amount of people and large amounts of data, there could potentially be times when you need extra help and extra care from. That is precisely why you have to select a payroll vendor in Indonesia with excellent customer service that will always be one call away to help you.

How can Double M help?

Using a payroll vendor in Indonesia will revolutionize the way you compensate your employees. Double M strives to manage your company’s payroll in its entirety so you can fully focus on your business.  Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.