Project Outline

Coren Group is the largest livestock integrator and food processor in Spain. Spain has been the first country in the EU and the fourth in the world to be approved by Indonesian authorities for the export of beef. This is the result of Double M’s work with their network and political contacts.

Novafrigsa and Artesanos Gallegos as well as the Slaughterhouse Artesanos Gallegos de la Carne have obtained halal certification by the halal official entity in Indonesia, as well as their slaughterhouses have been approved to export to Indonesia.

After these approvals, Double M has been leading the sales initiatives in Indonesia since 2016 for both slaughterhouses. The results are 3000 tons of meat sales for 2019, and 5000 tons are expected in 2020.

With the success in the sales aspect, Grupo Coren decided to establish a subsidiary in Indonesia in partnership with Double M. Coren group has trusted Double M to manage the subsidiary, handling all administration (accounting, tax, HR, legal, etc), sales, and operations. Currently, the company is running successfully and is one of the ten biggest meat importers and distributors in Indonesia.


“Our experience with Double M has been unbeatable, both for its professionalism and for its human quality. Their knowledge of the Indonesian market is not reduced to a mere description of statistical data but, has shown that they are perfectly integrated into Indonesian culture knowing in detail their way of thinking and doing business. The dedication they have shown to understand some complex businesses in which they did not have much experience initially has made them specialists in our sector, with good contacts both in the administration of the country and with the other local operators. In summary, for a Spanish company it is lucky to be able to count on Double M, a trustworthy consulting firm specialized in a country as different from ours as Indonesia “

Dino Grobas – President Director of Novafrifgsa S.A.

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