Single entry business visa

Valid for 60 days and extendable for 4 times

For those of you who want to stay short-term in Indonesia, you may apply for a single-entry business visa to enter Indonesia for business talk purposes. However, the aim is not to seek or earn income directly. Business visas are intended for visitors who come to participate in training, conferences, and workshops that are for business meetings and agreements.

Single-entry business visa Indonesia

Conditions to obtain a Business Visa

Single-entry Business Visa allows you to enter Indonesia just once during its validity, and if you want to come back, you need to apply for the visa again. This visa allows you to visit Indonesia with a permit of 60 days and it may be extended again in 30-day increments, up until 4 times. Overall, the maximum length of the visa is 180 days (6 months). During the time, the visa holder will not be able to exit the country, or the visa will become invalid (due to it being a “Single-Entry” Visa).  Visa extension shall be applied at least 7 days before the current visa expired.

Business Visa Indonesia - process-01

Terms of Applying for a Business Visa


* Passport & Photo

Make sure your passport has a minimum validity period of 15 months

* Flight & Hotel Tickets

To apply for a visa, you have to make a return flight ticket and hotel reservation

* Covid 19 Vaccine

According to Indonesian government regulations, it is mandatory to be vaccinated twice or fully

* Health Insurance & Negative PCR Test Result

Immigration has put health insurance and PCR results as new and mandatory  requirement to apply visa


Once your business visa is approved, you can directly enter Indonesia, but please note that regarding the latest International Travel Regulations (Addendum No. 20/2021) issued by the Indonesian Covid-19 Task Force, all international travelers must follow and comply with health protocols when conducting a PCR test upon arrival. and, self-quarantine of 7 days in certain hotels is strictly mandatory.

The Indonesian government decided to extend the quarantine period for foreigners and Indonesian citizens from abroad. Previously from 7 days to 10 days according to SE No. 23/2021. The impact is caused by Omicron Variant (B.1.1.529) from South Africa and Botswana, so the regulation is to prevent further spread of transmission.

Protocol Covid 19 Prevent Omicron Variant