Monthly Services
(Tax, Accounting, & Payroll)

Double M provides a range of monthly services meticulously designed to elevate your business operations in strict adherence to government regulations encompassing taxation, accounting, LKPM reporting, and payroll management. Our tailored solutions not only ensure compliance but also optimize operational efficiency, enabling you to prioritize your core business objectives with a heightened level of professionalism and confidence.

Tax Reporting

E-spt (tax report form) database for monthly and annual corporate income tax returns. We also provide set up e-filling certificate registration (e-FIN) and e-withholding tax certificate registration (e-Bupot).

Income tax Art. 15, Art 21/26, Art 23, Art 25, Art 4(2) & VAT. We also provide brand profit calculation & filling.

We provide Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements, and General Ledger & Cash flow reports.

Accounting Support

Preparing documents and procedures with the client. Understand the accounting procedure of the client.

This Includes:

  • Maintaining the accounting records according to the Chart of Accounts and accounting policy as provided by the company.
  • Maintaining subsidiary ledgers and registers.
  • Recording all transactions.
  • Reconciliations between the trial balances and the supporting details (bank statement, physical existence, documents, receivable, inventory, and account payable)
We provide Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements, and General Ledger, Cash flow reports, and Inventory Report.
We provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.
Classification of documents and internal approvals (preparation for audit)

In compliance with BKPM regulations, Indonesian business entities are mandated to submit Investment Activity Reports (LKPM), encompassing a developmental report for non-operational businesses and a production report for those already in operation. Clients are required to submit their LKPM on a quarterly basis.

  • First quarter : Latest by 10th of April
  • Second quarter : Latest by 10th of July
  • Third quarter : Latest by 10th of October
  • Fourth quarter : Latest by 10th of January

Payroll Support

  • Monthly payroll services
  • Company registration on
  • BPJS (Healthcare and manpower)
  • Setup and deregistration of employee BPJS (Healthcare & Manpower)
  • Workers income tax report (including payroll compliance, PPh21, and monthly BPJS healthcare Manpower calculation)
  • Calculate and organize employee annual personal income tax return documents
  • Tax calculation on a lump sum payment due to termination or retirement
  • Withholding tax certificate for honorary/individual experts (non-employee)
  • Manage tax ID cancellation for foreigners upon ceasing employment
  • Register employee tax id (NPWP)
  • Assistance of preparing working agreement (template)

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