Law Firm in Indonesia VS Corporate Legal Services in Indonesia

Law Firm in Indonesia – According to the State Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia of 1945 Article 1 No. 3, Indonesia is a state based on law. Consequently, every action within the confines of the Indonesian territory are regulated by the law. As a consistent factor in many facets of life, legal services become a necessity.

What is Law Firm in Indonesia?

Law firm in Indonesia usually becomes a go-to choice when legal services are on demand. The term law firm itself is defined as a business entity formed by two or more lawyers who are specialized in advising clients on their legal rights and responsibilities. More specifically, lawyers from law firms advise and represent their clients in civil or criminal court cases.

The Difference between Law Firm and Corporate Legal Services

One of the major differences between the services offered by law firm in Indonesia and the legal services offered by Double M is that we do not offer the service of representing you in court.

Why Legal Services in Indonesia?

Here are two main reasons why using our legal services is the best decision you can make:

  1. One-Stop, All-In Services

As mentioned above, our legal service does not include representing the client in court. But we do offer numerous legal services such as legal advisory, legal document review and revision, legal agreement drafting, company reference check, debt collection support, and due diligence, all of which are done with impeccable standards.

When undergoing law procedures, you might run into the necessity of using other related services. At Double M, we offer to be your 360 degrees investment service, meaning that we can offer to assist you with wide-ranging, extensive multi sector services for your every need. 

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Are you a foreign citizen planning to live or work in Indonesia? We can help you sort out all the necessary permits. Want to establish a company in Indonesia? We can assist you complete the registration. Want to register your products for distribution in Indonesia? We will make sure you obtain the certification successfully.  Want to recruit employees? our prominent Human Resources services will ensure you acquire the best talents available. Want to keep the balances in order? Our accounting and tax services will make sure everything is in place. Simply put, most law firms have one single service that we don’t offer. But we offer many services that they don’t offer.

  1. Lower Price, Competitive Quality

Law firms offer you expertise and experience in their field. With such specifications, they are entitled to charge a premium fee for their services. This is down to a few reasons. Enrolling into law education and rising through the ranks to obtain the license could potentially take years off their lives. The demand is also very high, therefore enabling them to charge substantially. At Double M, legal service is one of many services we provide. Our services do not include civil/criminal court cases (which could be expensive), but rather more on legal research, legal drafting, legal translation etc. with more emphasis on regulation. As a result, we offer you a comparatively lower price but with exceptional quality.

How can Double M help?

Legal services provided by law firm in Indonesia and corporations are very different one another. Double M strives to provide you with the best legal services you could obtain in Indonesia. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.