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The first contact with potential buyers is usually the most difficult step for a company upon entering a new market. A lot of factors like the time difference, the language or the cultural differences make it an almost impossible mission even to have an initial conversation with potential partners. With our experience and advice, we will bridge your communication with key market players in Vietnam and you will be well prepared to face them.

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Having local partners in Vietnam is a top priority for foreign companies before entering the market, but finding the right one is something that takes time. You need to build a strong relationship based on trust, like-minded values and culture. With our experience and expertise in Vietnam, we will help search and select the most suitable local partner for you.
Meeting potential partners in person is very essential for the success of your business. One of the ways to achieve that is by conducting a trade mission. With strong networks in the local business community and Indonesian government, as well as extensive experience in organizing trade missions for foreign companies and governments, Double M will help you to ensure the success of your trade mission in Vietnam.
As you further expand your business connections, there could be a huge chance for a reverse trade mission to occur. With our strong experience and expertise in the field, we will help you select and invite the best Vietnamese companies to participate in trade missions held in your country of origin.
Suppliers are crucial for the success of your business operations. However, the process of finding them could be tricky to do. Double M will help you source your suppliers and make sure all proceedings comply with the regulations in Vietnam.

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