Trade Mission in Vietnam

Trade mission is a set of multisector meetings/conferences between two or more companies.. With this service, we offer you the chance to introduce, promote, and introduce your products to Vietnamese companies and vice versa. A trade mission allows all parties involved to explore new business opportunities. By understanding the needs and perspectives of other players in the sector, companies could open up the possibility to collaborate with one another.

Trade Mission Administrative Requirements

As part of our procedure, companies that would like to take part in the Trade Mission are required to provide several details about their company, such as:
  1. Technical information about their products and/or services and their HS code (if available).
  2. Goals and sales channels the company seeks in the country where the trade mission is taking place.
  3. Detailed criterias of for their potential partners in Vietnam. 
  4. Detailed information about their experience in their respective sectors and in Vietnam
  5. Details about their advantages over competitors in Vietnam.

Procedures of Trade Mission:

To kick off the Trade Mission, all the respective companies will be summoned to a joint video call session. Subsequently, individual meetings with the companies will also be held. In these individual meetings, the companies will have a chance to describe the ideal profile of partner they would like to have. Afterwards, Double M will find them through offline search, online search, internal database, and external database.
Double M will present a database filled with at least 30 potential partners for our clients which includes introductory information about the company and the products they sell/produce/. The client will get the chance to rank their preferred companies from an A-D scale (A being very interesting, while D does not match the requirements). Based on this choice, Double M will filter the chosen companies and set up a meeting.
Double M will contact the chosen companies to set a meeting. This meeting is always arranged with high level management involved (CEO, General Manager, Purchasing Manager). The meetings will be held online through Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Double M will provide one representative in the meeting to introduce the companies to each other. A Double M technician is also on standby to solve any issues that might occur.

How can Double M Help?

Trade Mission is an intricate process that involves multiple parties from different countries. Double M strives to help our clients throughout the whole process. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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