Representative Office Registration in Vietnam

For foreign investors and business owners, Vietnam has become an emerging market with high potential. To establish a foreign company in Vietnam, investors must go through a long and comprehensive procedure. This might not be an ideal for those who want to start investing right away. The best alternative for this issue is to register a Representative Office in Vietnam. By doing representative office registration in Vietnam, foreign investors can create awareness for their businesses and even conduct market research in Vietnam before establishing their own company in Vietnam.

Representative Offices in Vietnam are only permitted to conduct market research, act as liaison for its parent company, and promote activities through meetings. They are not allowed to generate profit or make contracts with other parties. They are also not allowed to make invoices.

Requirements of Representative Office Registration in Vietnam

  1. Business Registration Application
  2. Company Charter
  3. List of shareholders and founding members
  4. Authentication papers for the members and legal representative
  5. Personal identification of the members and legal representative
  6. Capital authorization document

Procedures of Representative Office Registration in Vietnam

In order to obtain a license, you must do some administrative work such as applying for company seal, obtaining certificate of incorporation, handing out financial reports, and office leasing documents. These are additional information required to verify the legality of your representative office.
Once all the documents are submitted and verified, you will obtain a representative office seal that legally acknowledges its existence.
As a representative office operating in Vietnam, you will be obliged to comply with the tax rules. Registering for your tax code is part of the procedures.
To carry out your business in Vietnam, you will need to register for a bank account. This will be used for all the financial dealings carried out by your representative office.
After all the documents are checked and verified, your representative office in Vietnam will be officially launched and you may begin operations.

How can Double M Help?

Representative office registration in Vietnam requires the preparation of multiple documents. Double M strives to help our clients throughout the whole process. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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