Headhunter Service in indonesia : Definition, Work System and Benefits

Headhunter Service Indonesia – Have you heard of headhunters? This job includes the HR field in charge of finding the best candidates to fill company vacancies. In Indonesia, this service is still widely used. Moreover, during the pandemic, it is still an attractive choice to meet the needs of candidates in a company, the focus is on client satisfaction as service users.

Despite its status as a liaison between employees and the company, the work process follows company regulations. So, what is the scope of Headhunter jobs? What are the advantages? Read more.

Getting to Know Headhunters

Headhunters are organizations, companies, or individuals who seek and select the right person or have professional qualifications to fill vacant positions within the company. In simple terms, headhunters themselves are looking for the best talent to contribute and fulfill the company’s needs.

Headhunters are also known as services seeking executive, manager, and specialist position segments. All levels are under existing regulations, especially for intermediate and expert level positions. Thus, it is significant to find a trusted agent.

Characteristics of a Trusted Headhunter Agent

If this is your company’s first experience using a headhunter, there are a few conditions to keep in mind. Here are the characteristics of a trusted headhunter,

1. Track Record

When you want to use the services of a headhunter, be sure to look at the track record of the agency or company. Perhaps you can choose from the recommendations of various companies to meet those needs.

2. Client Portfolio

Next, you can view the portfolio of the company you selected. This section is significant for you to see and get qualified candidates.

3. Networking

If you need the services of a headhunter, maybe you need to look at the best agency. if the scope is broad, of course, it has a complete database, making it easier to find and filter the best candidates.

4. No Dirty Deals

Headhunter service providers do not accept or ask for a certain nominal to pass candidates in the existing selection process.

Headhunter Work System

If you have received the client’s request, before carrying out the selection process and determining the candidate to be selected, the headhunter company will seek complete information regarding the prospective candidate who will fill the position of the client company. Especially seeing from the qualifications and special skills by the desired expectations.

Everything is done to get the right people who can contribute to the smooth running of the company. Thus, headhunter services provide optimal results in meeting client needs. Because the goal of the headhunter itself is to provide maximum impact and results for the progress of the client’s company.

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If all the selection processes are successful and become an employee of the client company, the headhunter will get a recruitment fee based on the employee’s salary, around 20% – 30% a year.

Difference between Headhunter and Outsourcing

Headhunters and outsourcing are indeed engaged in the field of recruitment, but the mechanism is different. Outsourcing is looking for candidates to work for their company and employees working for other companies. For work contracts and responsibilities follow the provisions of the outsourcing company.

Meanwhile, headhunter services receive requests from clients to find the right candidate for the company’s needs. if the recruitment process is successful and the employee works from the client company, the headhunter will benefit from the client company, the amount according to the contract, and mutual agreement.

Advantages of Using Headhunter Services

The following are the benefits obtained by the client company when requesting the services of a headhunter, see more below.

1. Easier Recruitment Process

If you use the services of a headhunter, the whole process is easier. Because the company no longer focuses on the selection and advertising stages. Everything has been taken care of and determined by a headhunter agent who is looking for candidates according to the desired needs.

The most important thing is that your company has prepared the desired profile, requirements, job descriptions, and special skills. In the future, headhunters will find and present candidates who fit these needs.

2. Faster Candidate Attendance

The great thing about using a headhunter is that it helps companies fill vacant positions. If you do it independently, it may take months. If you use the services of a headhunter, it can be in a matter of weeks.

Of course, without reducing the desired qualifications and providing the best contribution to the company.

3. Best and Right Candidate

If you use the services of a headhunter, of course, you will get a wide network and candidates according to the desired qualifications. At this stage, the headhunter works carefully, in detail, and following the existing experience. Thus, prospective employees are selected by qualified people.

4. Save on Recruitment Costs

Hiring the services of a headhunter itself is not cheap, the costs incurred are between 20% – 30% of a year’s salary. But through the headhunter will be more precise. Because in terms of efficiency and effectiveness it will be lower than doing the recruitment itself.

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