IVACE (Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Exterior)

Project Outline IVACE is a Public owned company which belongs to the Government of Valencia. This entity supports the companies of the region of Valencia to Export around the world. Testimonial “We have been their official consultant (Antena as they call us) for Indonesia since 2016, and we have won their tender (can only work […]


Project Outline EXTENDA is a Public owned company which belongs to the Government of ANDALUCIA, in Spain. This entity supports the companies of the region of Andalucía to Export around the world.  Testimonial “We started to work with Double M to open up a market in the export of our product in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, […]


Project Outline DEFESA is a waste management collector from Spain which focus on the collection of Old Corrugates Carton in Spain, which is then exported to the Biggest paper mills, which are mainly located in Asia. Double M are current the agents f in Vietnam and other markets in the ASEAN region. Before starting to […]


Project Outline Imabe Iberica S.A. is a manufacturer of machinery for waste management. Their main product is balers for waste such as scrap, OCC, organic waste, etc.  In Indonesia we started by a search of local partners (database), and afterwards a meeting arrangement. After these services, they requested us to be their agent, which we […]

From zero to market leader in 3 years in Indonesia & Philiphines

Project Outline They are the first client that trusted in Double M agency services to develop their business in Indonesia and South East Asia. Prior to working with Double M, Wisco did not have any clients in ASEAN countries. After 5 years working with Double M in ASEAN, these are the results: • Market leader […]

Establishing a G2G trade partnership between Spanish & Indonesian governments

Project Outline Ordesa offers nutritional product for children and adults Ordesa Laboratories is using a unique service made by Double M , which was designed to solve the barriers and difficulties that Indonesian importers impose to foreign producers. The milestones achieved with Ordesa are: The Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia has approved Spain to export […]

How to choose a business partner in Indonesia

Differences between a European partner and an Indonesian Partner  Whether it is an importer, a distributor, a factory or a commercial agent, in every FDI it is crucial to engage with a reliable partner. You need an agent who will guide your product in an unknown market for you.  To set up a business with […]

Exploring opportunity sectors in Indonesia

Indonesia stands as the first economy of Southeast Asia and as the fourth most populated country worldwide. Moreover, its and active member of the G-20, and according to the OECD, it is the fifth emerging country in the world, after China, India, Brazil and Russia. The country is wealthy in raw materials (oil, gas, mining, […]