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For foreign companies, selling their products in a new country could prove to be difficult. They would have to establish an office in the new location, hire new sales agents, etc. At Double M, we offer sales agency services with highly qualified salesperson, with exceptional knowledge of the Indonesian market, extensive network across all sectors that strive to meet the needs and targets of our clients.

Sales Agent Service Procedures at Double M

Receive client’s request for using the service, finalizing the terms and signing the contract between the client and Double M.

Double M will then select the salesperson who will assist as sales agent on behalf of the client.

Gather information about the client’s product, its specification, and sales expectation.

Research about the industry, find out about the main competitors and main clients for the products to help select potential buyers. Have the database of the right companies to contact that will be selected by the client.

Introduction to the buyer about the products being sold. Explain the strengths and competitive advantage of the products. Elaborate the entire sales process until the deal is closed.

Make further contact with buyers to confirm their interest in making the deal.

Should the buyers agree to make the purchase, Double M salesperson will negotiate the fees and technicalities like shipping fee etc. with the buyers. Provide the support to check the shipping docs in order to make sure there are no mistakes and precisely made as per the order shipment

Iron out the rest of the agreement, make sure the products are good to go and ultimately delivered safely and on time to the buyers.

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