Permanent Stay Permit in Indonesia (ITAP)

ITAP is a permanent stay permit that enables the holder to stay in Indonesia for 5 years at a time. Unlike the KITAS, which is a yearly permit; obtaining an ITAP means you don’t have to visit the immigration office yearly. Once your ITAP application is successful, it will remain valid for the 5-year period.

Eligible ITAP Recipients in Indonesia

Since ITAP is an exclusive form of visa, it is only issued to a few categories of recipients, such as foreigners married to an Indonesian spouse, foreigners planning to retire in Indonesia, foreign investors, Directors, or Commissioners in a PT PMA who worked in the same company for a minimum of 4 years, and Indonesian citizens who are regaining their citizenship.

Benefits for ITAP Recipients

Upon the completion of your ITAP registration, you won’t need a yearly visit to the Immigration office, you will be eligible to have Indonesian ID card and driver’s license, eligible to open bank accounts, get credits and take loans, and you will also have the privilege of entering and exiting the country freely for two years.

ITAP Application Requirements in Indonesia

There are several documents you must prepare in order to register for ITAP. First, original & copy of your passport with at least 22 months left of validity. Second, the Decree of Establishment and SK Pengesahan. Third, the Decree of Amendment and SK Pengesahan. Fourth, Business ID Number. Fifth, Tax ID Number, Sixth, Integration Statement Letter. Seventh, Copy of ID/Passport/KITAS/business card of your employer’s Director or HR Manager. Eighth, ID/business card of another authorized person. Ninth, current RPTKA, Notification, IMTA, DPKK, SKTT. Tenth, latest stamp of KITAS and MERP sticker. Twelfth, Letter of Domicile from apartment developer or landlord.

ITAP Application Procedures in Indonesia

First, you must make sure all the documents are complete then submit them to the Immigration. Second, you must make a payment for the service. Upon the verification of your payment, you will be asked to collect Biometric Fingerprint for identification purposes. Then, the Immigration will conduct a house visit in order to determine whether you have a permanent place of residence. Should everything be approved by the authorities, your ITAP will be issued.

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