Market Research Service in Vietnam

Market Research is a process of determining the viability of a new product or service conducted with potential customers. Market research service in Vietnam is conducted so the company can discover potential target markets in Vietnam and receive opinions and feedback from them regarding their product or service.

Types of Market Research Service in Vietnam

Double M offers a comprehensive Market Research service tailored to the exact specifications of the clients:
Specifically about the value of the demand. Specified according to the type of products/services and the customers in Vietnam.
Comprehensive report about the competitors including their basic data, market shares, and their prices in the market in Vietnam.
Forecasting the sector, future measures/policy taken by authorities, future customer trends in Vietnam.
Specific information about the main exporters and importers, description of the products, prices of the Customs sector in Vietnam.
Analysis about the distribution channels for the products, information about the stakeholders and their market share in Vietnam.
Explaining the added cost the company must add until they reach the final customers.
Detailed description of necessary certifications, conditions to get them, the procedures, timeline, and cost.
Detailed description of the promotion channels, with actual proposals (targets, cost, timeline).
Information about establishment costs, adjusted to the request of the clients.
Description about the products from a Sales point of view (prices, format, size, location, discount), photos are also included.
Information from distributors regarding the prices and characteristics of the products in the market.

Additional services in Market Research Service

Assisting the client in pitching for projects and/or tenders in Vietnam.
interviewing a group of people with the goal to create discussion about the products or services of the company
Making questionnaires about the products or services of the company, collecting the responses and analyzing the results
Going to stores acting like a customer, by the product and make a report

How can Double M Help?

Understanding the market is important to do before entering the market in Vietnam. At Double M, we will be delighted to perform Market Research for your company. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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