Limited Stay Permit in Indonesia (ITAS)

Limited Stay Permit in Indonesia (ITAS) is a temporary stay permit which enables the holder to stay in Indonesia for a certain amount of time. ITAS holders are entitled to receive a physical card which is commonly known as KITAS. This specific permit is usually issued to foreigners coming to Indonesia to conduct a short-term business or other activities that will be completed in a relatively short time.

Eligible Recipients of ITAS:

  1. Foreigners entering the Indonesian territory.
  2. Children born in the Indonesian territory with parents who hold ITAS.
  3. Ship captains, ship crew, foreign expert staff on a ship, floating vessel, or any installation operating within the jurisdiction of Indonesian waters.
  4. Foreigners legally marrying an Indonesian citizen.
  5. Children of foreigners who married an Indonesian citizen.
  1. General requirements, which includes Letter of Application, Letter of Guarantee, and a copy of a valid passport from the country of origin.
  2. ITAS application also have special requirements for applicants such as foreign investors, expert staff, and religious clergy, foreigners participating in educational training and conducting scientific research, children born in the Indonesian territory to parents who are ITAS holders, foreigners legally married to an Indonesian citizen, children of foreigner legally married with an Indonesian citizen, foreigners wanting to merge license with their families, foreigners who previously held Indonesian citizenship, elderly international tourists, and ship captains and crew.

ITAS Application Requirements in Indonesia:

ITAS Application Procedure in Indonesia:

In this stage, the applicant must submit all the required documents to the Immigration Office.

In this stage, the Immigration Office will verify all the submitted documents.

Should all the documents are verified, the applicant can proceed to payment.

Once the payment is complete, the applicant will have to complete administrative datas like: fingerprints, personal photo, and signatures.

Finally the ITAS will be issued and be in effect immediately.

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