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Import handling support Indonesia could certainly enhance your business operations in Indonesia. As you may already know, the administrative procedures and organizational bureaucracy in Indonesia is quite complex. You could certainly process all your import procedures on your own. However, it will take a substantial amount of time. In that regard, having an experienced side to handle the imports of things could come in handy.

Scope of Service of Import Handling Support in Indonesia

There are several main services that we offer in order to support your import process in Indonesia, such as:

In this service, we will review, make revision, and compile all your administrative import documents and make sure they are complete and correct. Due to import documents being very sensitive and all details must be correct, if there are any mistakes or typos, you might have an issue with custom and your product might not be able to be cleared.

Based on request, we can find several options of logistics or forwarding companies to handle your custom clearance and we will help to filter and choose the most competitive quotations.

In this service, we will coordinate with the seller or shipper, also with the forwarding company of your choice regarding several things including the HS code checking, preparation of import clearance notification form until the goods are delivered to the destination of your choice.

Receiving the products from overseas means that you (as the importer) will have to pay the import duty and taxes to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise. In this service, we will run through the numbers and make sure you pay the correct number to avoid any fines (Notul).

In this service, we will strongly make sure that your products are safely delivered and arrived at the destination of your choice.

Documents of Import Handling Support in Indonesia

Since it involves the transport of products between countries, import procedures require the preparation of primary documents such as:
  1. Commercial Invoice, which is a document issued by the seller or shipper.
  2. Packing List, which is a list containing all the products being shipped. 
  3. Airway Bill, which is a delivery receipt made by the shipping company to the shipper.
  4. Import License, which is a verification document for the importers’ identity. 
  5. Mandatory product license or certification that must be fulfilled by the importer (when applicable by regulation).
  6. Insurance Policy. 
  7. Purchase Order/Letter of Credit, which is a contract issued by the seller and buyer or importer and exporter confirming the purchase of products filled with details, quantity, price, payment, and delivery terms of the products.

How can Double M Help?

Import Handling Support could massively help your operations in Indonesia. Double M strives to help our clients throughout the whole process of import. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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