Headhunter Services in Indonesia

Headhunter is defined as an organization, company, or person who conducts a comprehensive job recruitment process for its clients. In Indonesia, headhunter services are prominently used by companies to recruit new employees. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, recruitment processes are less likely to be conducted face to face in office spaces. As a result, most of the recruitment by headhunter services in Indonesia are can be effectively carried out online.

Headhunter Services by Double M

At Double M, we offer a headhunter service under the name of Double M Headhunter Indonesia, which operates under DMG Investment Services. Established in 2017, Double M Headhunter Indonesia is managed by a dedicated, professional, and highly experienced team with the expertise of recruitment and executive search business.

Double M Headhunter Indonesia is experienced at recruiting in the fields of of Television Industry, Online Media Industry, Live Streaming Industry, Financial Leasing Industry, Retail Industry, Commodity Industry, Frozen Food Industry, IT Development, Software House, FMCG, E-Commerce, Omnichannel, Fintech, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Digital Banking, Industrial Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Advertising Agency among others

Double M Headhunter Recruitment Procedures

In this first procedure, Double M and the potential client will discuss the terms of agreement in the form of a contract. After it is signed, the headhunting process can begin.

Our team and the client will discuss the job: the needs and problems they are facing. The areas that should be explored are:

  1. Job Details
  2. Client Company Details
  3. Background of the Role
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Ideal Candidate Profile
  6. Opportunities for the Candidate
  7. Salary and Benefits
  8. Recruitment Process Overview
  9. Timing

Elaborating a time plan with a specific roadmap of the process and timeline. This plan also ensures that the client has agreed with the timeline.

There are four main channels to acquire candidates:

  1. Advertisement, recommended to hire blue collars or entry level staff. More senior the role the less effective an advertisement becomes.
  2. Referrals, asking for recommendation from existing staffs to guarantee that a highly qualified person will fill the role.
  3. Database, storing CVs other information about candidates into a large database which will be updated as time goes on.
  4. Headhunter, a method usually specified for high level, unique, or specialized roles.

Qualifying the candidates based on specific criterias asked by the client

Conduct the interview process with the candidates, adding interview notes to the database, and analyzing candidates’ performance during the interview. Explaining the next process for selected targets and reject unsuitable ones.

Sending the offer to the candidate, including job title and responsibilities, joining dates, salary and added benefits, office location.

Keeping in touch with the candidate after getting the job.

Store all documents from the initial process through invoices in one location, this will help future audits, keeping track of data and optimizing management.

How can Double M Help?

Double M Headhunter Services will help your company to carry out the intricate recruitment process. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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