The food and beverages industry in Indonesia is one of the most highly regulated industries. Various licensing from various government bodies are required to be able to sell or distribute food and beverages products in the Indonesian market (as well as but not limited to cosmetics, medicine, and complementary products). Before carrying out the import and distribution process, the related industry must first have a product distribution permit issued by BPOM, called BPOM ML/MD Number.

BPOM (National Agency of Drug and Food Control) has the authority to:

  • Issue product distribution permits and certificates in accordance with standards and requirements for safety, efficacy/benefit, and quality, as well as drug and food testing in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations
  • Conduct intelligence and investigations in the field of Drug and Food control in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

There are 2 labels applied to registered products:

  • Code ML: is granted to processed food and beverage products derived from imported products, either directly or repackaged.
  • Code MD: is granted to large capital food and beverage products tacitly considered to have the competence to comply with the food safety requirements set by the government.

Noted : BPOM ML/MD number will be valid for 5 years and can be renewed.

Pre-Registration Documents and Data needed to obtain BPOM ML Number:

  • Letter of Appointment from the Principal/Manufacturer
  • CFS certificate from the Principal/Manufacturer
  • GMP Certificate from the Principal/Manufacturer
  • Master of Formula from the Principal/Manufacturer
  • Label and Packaging Design from the Principal/Manufacturer
  • Halal Certificate from the Principal/Manufacturer (if applied)
  • Importer documents: NIB, SIUP, Commercial License, NPWP, Location Permit, and Import License

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The Latest Facility Inspection for Food Product Registration (SMKPO BPOM)

In Indonesia, one of the most regulated sectors is the food and beverage industry. This provides a sense of security and assurance to consumers. To get a permit, you have to go through various government bodies. This need is to be able to distribute and sell kinds of processed food products to the Indonesian market.

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