Follow Up Support in Indonesia

At Double M, our sales services to the clients go way beyond the initial meeting and final agreement. We are committed to keep in touch with our clients and meet their needs after the deal is closed. With this type of service, we aim to tie any loose ends and make sure all the clients’ needs are fulfilled.

Follow Up Support by Double M

In this service, we offer follow-up meetings to our clients who require more time to learn about the products that are being discussed between them and the partners. We will arrange the meetings between both parties and act as intermediary to make sure everything goes well.

In this service, we offer the chance for our clients to get more clarity on the products they are keen to purchase. These details include: price of the product, specifications of the product, and terms of payment.

In most cases, one meeting is not enough for our clients to fully understand the product being offered and make a decision. Therefore, we are always open to receive further inquiries regarding the products which in turn will help the clients make a decision.

In this service, we will track the deal between our clients and the potential partners. From the initial meeting, deal agreement, until the products are delivered safely to the buyer.

How can Double M Help?

Follow Up Support is a sign of our commitment in assisting our clients. Double M strives to help our clients throughout the whole process. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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