Study Case

7 April, 2021

Flavours of Andalucia – Olive Oil : The Green gold

In case you missed it, have a look at this highlights video about the event ‘FLAVOURS OF ANDALUCIA – OLIVE […]
18 September, 2020


Project Outline La Liga is the Spanish professional football league, which is among the most prestigious football leagues in the […]
17 September, 2020

NES Global Talent

Project Outline NES Global Talent is the largest provider of workforce in oil & gas sector, with more than 60 […]
16 September, 2020


Project Outline Coren Group is the largest livestock integrator and food processor in Spain. Spain has been the first country […]
15 September, 2020
Keralty Health (Sanitas)

Keralty Health (Sanitas)

Project Outline Keralty health is a company which belongs to Sanitas Group, a healthcare and insurance conglomerate with Headquarters in […]
8 September, 2020

IVACE (Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Exterior)

Project Outline IVACE is a Public owned company which belongs to the Government of Valencia. This entity supports the companies […]