Single-entry business visa is valid for 60 days and extendable for 4 times, each extension is valid for 30 days.


  1. Company sponsor must present proof of holding US $10,000 or equivalent in other currency for each person sponsored [If Double M is sponsoring your visa, Double M will cover this part].

Note: If you are using your own company to sponsor the visa, please kindly provide us the Visa-Online Username and Password

  1. Valid passport [min. validity is 20 months] – cover page & photo page.
  2. Return flight ticket [in English language].
  3. Personal health insurance [in English language].
  4. Details of the applicant: marital status, occupation, residential address in home country, mobile number and email address.
  5. Name & hotel address during your stay in Indonesia
  6. Latest health certificate and Covid Negative Test Result written in English from the hospital/clinic in country of origin/departure.
  7. Statement letter [Double M will provide you the draft after you approve and sign our proposal]

EXPECTED TIMELINE: 10 business days


  1. We can only proceed the process after all documents requested above are completed and correct.
  2. every day of delay in receiving all requested documents, will mean a day of delay in the drafting and finalization of the Visa process
  3. If there is a delay occurred from immigration’s side due to pandemic, we will not be responsible.
  4. All visa approvals subject to DGI / Directorate General of Immigration’s decision.



Description Price
NEW APPLICATION – Offshore Business Visa Approval (B211A)

Include visa approval fee

Include e-visa PNBP fee

Exclude DMG visa sponsorship


Star from: 150 USD





Star from: 30 USD




  • New application of business visa service is paid 100% in advance before the application is submitted to DGI.
  • DMG sponsorship fee is paid 100% in advance.
  • Subject to 10% VAT



 How quickly the business visa approval can be obtained?

The application process will take up to 10 working days. Due to pandemic, the process might take longer.

Who will sponsor my visa? can I become a sponsor myself?

No, you cannot sponsor yourself, sponsorship must be a company domiciled in Indonesia that invites you to come to Indonesia for business meetings.

Once I enter Indonesia, how long will my business visa be valid?

The business visa will be valid for 60 days, one-time entry, which means once you leave Indonesia you cannot enter with the same visa. If you want to visit Indonesia again, you have to apply for a new business visa.

I almost reached 60 days since I enter Indonesia, but I still have to do some business visits and I shall stay longer in Indonesia, can my visa be extended?

Yes, your business visa is extendable for 4 times. Each extension you can only stay for another 30 days. The renewal application must be done at least 7 working days before it expires. The company sponsoring your business visa shall apply for the extension to local immigration office domiciled in your hotel area.

Once my business visa is approved, can I postpone to enter Indonesia as I have other business to attend?

Once your visa is approved, you have 59 days to enter Indonesia. If during that period you still not enter Indonesia, your visa will be void or cancelled automatically by Immigration and you have to apply for new visa again.

If I have a valid business visa, can I fly to Indonesia? Is additional letter of recommendation from Immigration or another Department required?

If you already have a valid visa, then you can enter Indonesia. Don’t forget to bring a Negative PCR Result of Covid-19 test in English language (the samples shall be taken within a max. period of 3x24 hours before departure time.

How many times should I conduct/provide a negative PCR result of Covid-19 test in English language?

You shall provide twice; one is required for the visa application (before you apply the visa) and another one is max. 3x24 hours before departure time to Indonesia.

Can you easily get a business visa?

According to Indonesian regulations, there are several countries that have a more complicated process or even have the possibility of being refused.

Is it possible to use a business visa to work in Indonesia?

Business visas are valid for foreigners for those who want to visit Indonesia for the purpose of business meetings (meetings, attending seminars, making presentations, etc.) while work visas are valid for foreigners who want to work legally and making money in Indonesia. Therefore, we can confirm that business visa cannot be used by foreigners to work in Indonesia.

When my business visa is approved, can I enter Indonesia directly?

Yes, you can enter Indonesia directly but please note that regarding the latest International Travel Regulation (Circular Letter No. 8/2021) issued by Indonesia Covid-19 Task Force, all international must follow and comply with health protocols where conducting PCR upon arrival and performing 5 days Quarantine in Jakarta is mandatory.

Every international traveler must pass through the Quarantine in Jakarta for 5x24 hours at a quarantine accommodation/Hotel that has received certification for the implementation of Covid-19 quarantine by the Indonesian Ministry of Health (must be paid at your own expenses). After Quarantine is carried out for 5x24 hours from the date of arrival, Indonesian citizens and foreigners must do the PCR test again. If the result is negative, then the Indonesian citizens and foreigners are allowed to continue their journey.

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