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Company establishment in Vietnam or company registration in Vietnam is a complex process that involves a lot of legal requirements and regulations. With our extensive experience and networks, Double M can help advise you through all the process and help you obtain the necessary permits and documents in order to register a company in Vietnam.

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In Vietnam, you are allowed to establish a 100% foreign-owned limited liability company (LLC). According to the regulations, a foreign LLC in Vietnam could have up to 50 members. With Double M’s help, you could complete this establishment procedure with no hassle.

In Vietnam, foreign companies are also allowed to be part-owners of a company in a joint venture scheme alongside Vietnamese companies. According to regulations, this type of company must have a minimum of 3 shareholders. With Double M’s help, you could complete this establishment procedure efficiently.

If you don’t plan on establishing a fully-fledged company in Vietnam yet, you could start creating brand awareness to conduct market research in the country before actually starting it. This can be done by establishing a representative office. With this type of company, you can create a market presence in Vietnam with very little cost.

Liquidating your company is an unfortunate scenario that must be unwanted by any business person. Should it ever happen, we will help you go through the entire process of liquidation, make sure everything complies with the regulations in Vietnam and provide a strong platform for you to bounce back.

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