Indonesia Reduced Mandatory Quarantine to 24 hours

The indonesian goverment has published new circular or Surat Edaran No.12/2022 regarding International Travelers Health Protocol during the Pandemic. The following are the updates mentioned in the new SE Upon arrival, international travelers must perform PCR test and are required to undergo quarantine with the following conditions: Quarantine for 7 days for international travelers who […]

The Latest Facility Inspection for Food Product Registration (SMKPO BPOM)

Food Product Registration in Indonesia – In Indonesia, one of the most regulated sectors is the food and beverage industry.

Tax Regulations in Indonesia

The Law on Harmonization of Tax Regulations in Indonesia (UU HPP), Law No. 7 of 2021 regulated on October 29 2021 – Nearing the end of this year, a new regulation on Tax activities in Indonesia will attract a lot of attention and questions. Starting from 2022, the taxpayers of this country must bear in mind […]

Protocol Covid 19 Prevent Omicron Variant – Indonesia Policy

Protocol Covid 19 Prevent Omicron Variant – The Indonesian government decided to extend the quarantine period for foreigners and Indonesian citizens from abroad. Previously from 7 days to 10 days according to SE No. 23/2021. The impact is caused by Omicron Variant (B.1.1.529) from South Africa and Botswana, so the regulation is to prevent further […]

Verify Your Overseas Vaccine Upon Entering To Indonesia

Verify Your Overseas Vaccine – The Circular of COVID-19 Taskforce Number 18 2021 regarding the Health Protocols for International Travel.

OSS – Risk Based Approach: Introduction And Guide To Know How

OSS – Risk Based Approach – The Omnibus Law has regulated 11 clusters of Business Sector in Indonesia : some of them are related to our today’s topics on the newly launched OSS system known as the OSS RBA (Risk Based Approach). Those clusters are : Development on Investment and Business Activities Ecosystem Business Licensing […]

Requirement of Paid-Up Capital for Foreign Companies in Indonesia

The Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board has released a new regulation requirement of Paid-Up Capital for Foreign Companies in Indonesia

The New Policy of PPKM Level 1 to 4

The Indonesian Government’s new policy of PPKM level was officially implemented starting day (26/7/2021) to control the Covid-19 Pandemic.

International Travel During Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

The National Task Force for COVID-19 handling in Indonesia has to take addendum for International travel during covid-19 pandemic to Indonesia

Foreign Owned Company VS Representative Office

Foreign Owned Company and Representative Office might confuse the business owners to start their activities in Indonesia.