How to Prepare Annual Tax?

Prepare Annual Tax – Entering the end of 2021, many companies have started the process of the ledger. What is the ledger? An activity that summarizes all the results based on the existing accounting, and financial cycles in the business. Simply put, the company is in the final phase of closing the report for that […]

The Law on Harmonization of Tax Regulations Indonesia (UU HPP)

The Law on Harmonization of Tax Regulations Indonesia (UU HPP), Law No. 7 of 2021 regulated on October 29 2021 – Nearing the end of this year, a new regulation on Tax activities in Indonesia will attract a lot of attention and questions. Starting from 2022, the taxpayers of this country must bear in mind the […]

Expand Tax Incentives – Vietnam Combat Covid-19

Expand Tax Incentives – In recent months, the epidemic situation in the country has been complicated, due to new strains and rapid spread; outbreaks make it harder than ever for already-vulnerable businesses. Reserve resources are dwindling while the domestic and international markets have fallen sharply and have not shown any signs of recovery or are […]

Bank Account Recommendation and Opening Local Bank Account

If you plan to stay in Indonesia at a certain time as an expatriate, then it is recommended to open an Indonesian bank account.

Expand Tax Incentives, Indonesian Combat COVID-19

Covid significantly disrupted national economic activity. Indonesian action to maintain economic stability by expand incentive tax.