5 Reasons Why Start Business in Vietnam During Pandemic

Vietnam has strong fundamentals of a young, dynamic, and tech-savvy population, a growing domestic market, a rising middle class, and an open economy to offer exciting investment opportunities.

Indonesia Targets to Achieve A Carbon-Free Energy Sector By 2060

The Government of Indonesia is committed to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector by 2060. This is done to create a better and sustainable environment.

Green Indonesian Industrial Park, A New Direction for Economic

The inauguration of the Green Economic Zone in Bulungan, North Kalimantan on Tuesday (12/21/2021) yesterday provided new market opportunities for investors to come to Indonesia. Part of this economic transformation has been implemented by the government. Thus that the Green Indonesian Industrial Park becomes a new identity.

Market Research, a Waste or a Necessity ?

Market Research in Indonesia – Market research has a strategic role in building and developing a business.

Digital Transformation New Era of Business

Digital Transformation – New era business seems to be the need of every business stakeholder, both small and large scale. The changes due to Covid 19 have made many business sectors shift and focus on digitalization. In 2021 alone, the technology industry has increased by Rp. 2.1 trillion and continues to grow. So this opportunity […]

Best SMEs Business Opportunities in Indonesia Post COVID-19

Best SMEs Business Opportunities in Indonesia – The pandemic has made everyone adapt to social distancing and working remotely. People’s consumption patterns have changed drastically. From what is usually done offline face to face, then switch to online transactions. The reason is a large number of people’s doubts to make physical contact and do activities […]

The Best Skill Investors Have

The Best Skill Investors Have – What exactly is the point of investing?  Though there is a lot to be gained by pursuing riches of another kind: wisdom, there is rarely one apparent solution. Solid investing abilities precede computer models and giddy commentators, and they have survived for a reason: successful stock market gurus have […]

Indonesia Recorded Highest Economic Growth in 17 Years

Indonesia Recorded Highest Economic growth up to 7,07% in the second quarter of 2021. This is the highest growth since

Investment in Indonesia During the Pandemic.

Investment in Indonesia during the pandemic can be challenging for foreign companies since the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Reasons to Invest in Vietnam

Vietnam might be your next investment destination. There are several reasons of why you should invest in Vietnam.