Halal Industry in Indonesia

The halal industry in Indonesia has been booming in recent years. As the world’s largest Muslim population, this positions Indonesia to become a leading player in the Halal industry, particularly in halal tourism. Strategic measures are currently underway to maximize the potential of the halal industry.

How to Create a Comprehensive Halal Industry Ecosystem?

According to Yusuf Wibisono, Director of IDEAS, Indonesia aims to establish a leading global Halal industry. Achieving this involves streamlining certification and enhancing industry quality.

Moreover, boosting sharia financing and public education can shape a comprehensive Halal ecosystem. While seen as Muslim-centric, non-Muslim nations are catching up

The Emerging Destinations

Thailand, one of the world’s leading culinary destinations, are also expanding their coverage to halal cuisines. Meanwhile, South Korea is ramping up plans to strengthen its halal tourism sector. In order to brace themselves against the competition, we can look at the abundance of SMEs and MSMes that are focused on the halal industry in Indonesia.

Prospect of Halal Industry in Indonesia

In the perspectives of foreign business owners, Indonesia has undoubtedly become an exciting destination to invest their funds in. Investors who produce food and beverage, for example, are considered as the most potential players that can reap considerable revenue in Indonesia. However, it is important to note that they must obtain halal certification authorized by the Indonesian government and respective religious bodies.

As part of the government’s commitment to harness technological advances, halal certification in Indonesia these days is 100% digitized. You can find all the information you need for the SiHalal application, available to download in your mobile phones. With this level of ease, it is hoped that it will encourage more foreign investors to sell their halal products in Indonesia. With proper planning and execution involving the government and the investors, both parties can mutually benefit each other. 

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How can Double M help?

Halal industry in Indonesia is predicted to emerge even more in the coming years. One of the mandatory requirements to take part in this market is Halal certification. Should you have any inquiries about this process, please contact us.