List of Payroll Software in Indonesia

Payroll Software in Indonesia has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes seeking streamlined and compliant payroll management solutions. Previously, we have explained the advantages of using payroll service in Indonesia for your business operations. In recent times, many tech companies have developed their own payroll software, each with its own unique characteristics. Out of the many options available, it is important to select the one that suits you most. Here are several payroll software in Indonesia that you can choose

Why is Payroll Software in Indonesia so popular?

With emerging new companies appearing constantly, the number of employees being managed by each company has become way too much to be managed independently. As a result, the need for automated features for payroll services has become more pressing than ever. A payroll software will help companies manage their salary matters. 

Payroll Softwares in Indonesia

  1. Gadjian

Gadjian is a cloud-based Human Resources management application from Indonesia that can be used for payroll, PPh 21 taxes, and BPJS fees.

  1. Talenta

Talenta is an Indonesian payroll software which strives to help businesses manage and navigate their operations with an automated HR system and software. 

  1. GajiHub

Based in the city of Yogyakarta, GajiHub differentiates itself from its peers by helping small to medium enterprises (SMEs). 

  1. AxiaSolusi

AxiaSolusi is an HR software that provides the usage of an electronic workflow which enables you to assign and sanction tasks electronically.

  1. Benemica

Benemica is a dedicated HR application for payroll and taxation aimed for companies, accountants, and consultants in Indonesia.

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How to Choose Payroll Software in Indonesia

After finding out about the various payroll software options available in Indonesia, here is how you can choose the one that suits you best. Firstly, you must establish a clear idea of what your business will need in terms of features, cost, and ease of usage. Secondly, you must carefully match the criteria you are looking for with the existing payroll software options. Once you have identified the payroll software that aligns most closely with your requirements, you can proceed to conduct a trial on the software to ensure everything meets your expectations.

How can Double M help?

Even when you use Payroll Softwares in Indonesia, you still need a person to handle it. With Double M’s HR services, you will have qualified personnels to handle the payroll matters for your company.