Dahsuskim Permit in Indonesia

Dahsuskim permit in Indonesia is an ease of access given to foreign nationals who work as captains, ship crew/floating equipment operating in Indonesian territorial waters such as archipelago, continental shelf, and Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE). In particular, this ease of access is granted in the form of visas, immigration permits, foreign registration and re-entry permits. 

Who is Eligible to Obtain Dahsuskim Permit in Indonesia?

Foreigners who work in the sea are surely obliged to have a Waters Limited Stay Permit (KITAS Perairan). Dahsuskim or Water KITAS can be extended by applying for an extension of stay permit at least 14 working days before the stay permit expires.

Requirements of Dahsuskim Permit

  1. Dahsuskim application letter and guarantor from the TKA employer
  2. Letter of application for limited stay permit (ITAS)
  3. Letter of recommendation from a government agency
  • Decree of the Director General of Sea Transportation
  • Decree of the Director General of Capture Fisheries
  • Ministerial decree
  1. Copy of Passport
  2. Copy of Entry stamp
  3. Copy of e-Visa
  4. Foreign Ship Agency Approval (PKKA)
  5. Port clearance
  6. International Meteorological Organization (IMO) Crew list

Dahsuskim Permit Application Procedures


  • Employers must obtain a Foreign Ship Agency Approval Letter (PKKA) issued by the Directorate General of Sea Transportation to stop in Indonesian waters.
  • Applicants must have a Permission Ashore Card if they wish to go ashore and is valid 7 days after issue.
  • Application for SK Dahsuskim to the Directorate General of Immigration with the crew list document.


  • Employers apply for RPTKA and IMTA online as approval for work permits.
  • In short, after the work permit is approved and the crew or floating crew come to Indonesian territory with their means of transportation, the employer must attach all the documents required for reporting and making a Waters KITAS to the Immigration office and be given a billing for PNBP payments.
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  • After submitting the application and payment of PNBP, foreigners who are crew members of ships or floating crews take biometrics at the Immigration office

Issuance of KITAS

  • Immigration will issue a KITAS in accordance with the application of the employer who has completed the work contract of foreigners who are crew members of ships or floating crews. Overall, KITAS issuance is 2 working days after the biometric

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